Patient Information

Important information you need to know before seeing your Cleveland Clinic doctor, as well as other services and programs offered.
Prepare for Your Visit

Appointments & Access

Click in, walk in or call us today.

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Appointment Checklist

Paperwork you need, what to expect and more.

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What you need to know while a patient at Cleveland Clinic.

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Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Become an active partner in your healthcare.

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Same-day Appointments

Schedule a primary care visit for the same day or the next day.

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Shared Medical Appointments

Bringing patients with common needs together with healthcare providers.

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Preparing for Surgery

Risk Assessment info and resources from Surgical Operations at Cleveland Clinic.

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Medical Records

Access your medical records at Cleveland Clinic

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Cleveland Clinic Medicare ACO

Learn about Medicare ACO* as part of the Medicare Shared Savings program.

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Pharmacies, Emergency & Express Care, and Travel Information


Fill prescriptions and find medications, post-surgical supplies, skin care products, and more.

About Our Pharmacies

Emergency Urgent Express Care Clinic

Feel confident knowing the world class care of Cleveland Clinic is nearby.

Emergency, Urgent & Express Care

Travel Assistance

Learn about Cleveland Clinic national and international travel services.

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