Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive Grief and Bereavement Services to promote healing and renewed hopefulness for those who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

Compassionate Listening 
This is about walking alongside, discovering the gift of sacred silence, being present to another person’s pain without trying to take it away, respecting disorder and confusion without imposing order and logic, allowing for the emotional jumble and grief bursts which often accompany the journey toward renewed hopefulness.

There is no one right way to grieve or receive support through grief and bereavement. Traumatic loss is often experienced differently than expected loss. Grievers may need different supports through the process or a blend of supports. Support may encompass telephone check ins, individual grief and bereavement counsel sessions, group support sessions, or assistance in planning a meaningful ritualize or memorial activity that fits your family setting.

Quality Education
While everyone who has experienced a major loss has a unique experience based on the nature of their relationship with their loved one, there are numerous resources that can be of help. Your help may come from grief and bereavement professionals or from self education/research that you do on your own. Cleveland Clinic's Web Site allows you access to both.

You have access to the wealth of Cleveland Clinic Resources, Caregivers and Volunteers working together to serve you. 40,000 plus caregivers translates into plenty of resources to assist.

We want to companion with you on your journey through grief as trained grief and bereavement professionals and volunteers in a way that respects your cultural background, your life journey and rituals that are of importance to you.

We learn from the gifts you have, the courage with which you move through the grief process and what you tell us is helpful. When we learn from you in a way that can improve the services we offer, we will make changes to improve our support for others. We are trained professionals but we are also fellow travelers on the journey, seeking continuous improvement to our services.

Letter from Our Director

Letter from Our Director

To those experiencing grief and loss,

On behalf of all the caregivers at Cleveland Clinic who were privileged to come into contact with you and your loved one, we want to express our deepest sympathies. We send our hopes for your healing and comfort . This letter is to let you know that our care for you extends beyond the death of your loved one. We offer grief and bereavement services for anyone affected by the loss of a family member in the care of the Cleveland Clinic health system and group support/referral for anyone who reaches out to us.

Furthermore, we want to extend the Spiritual Care team’s availability to you if you should have needs or questions during your period of bereavement and adjustment, even if you just need someone to listen for a few moments. You can contact our Bereavement Manager Mark Oster at the Center for Connected Care Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. at 216.444.9819. During evenings and weekends, contact the Spiritual Care office at Main Campus at 216.444.2518 and ask to speak to a chaplain. If no one answers, you may ask the operator to page the on-call chaplain at any hour of the day or night. Our approach is compassionate listening and is open to persons of all beliefs, as well as those not comfortable with religion.

There may be days when you feel overwhelmed or angry – or when the sadness just seems to sneak up on you out of nowhere. Sometimes even the people who are trying to help can make you feel worse by expecting you to “move on” faster than is realistic. Meeting with others who are also grieving, in a supportive and welcoming environment, can give you a chance to feel heard and understood. You can sometimes find companions who can be on that journey with you, at your own pace.

With prayers for your comfort,

Rev. Dr. Amy Greene
Director of Spiritual Care



Rev. Dr. Amy Greene
Director of Spiritual Care
Phone: 216.444.2518
Email: greene3@ccf.org

Rev. Mark Oster, M.Div. BCC 
Spiritual Care & Bereavement Manager
Phone: 216.444.9819
Email: osterm@ccf.org