Birth Certificate & Social Security Number

A Birth Certificate Assistant will come to your room within 24 hours of delivery to interview you for information to complete the birth certificate. The information requested will include baby's full name, information on parents including, education, social security number, medical history pertaining to pregnancy and more.

  • The birth certificate may be obtained by sending an application, the required fee and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the Bureau of Vital Statistics. The Birth Certificate Assistant will give you the application during the interview.
  • The Bureau of Vital Statistics is the only agency that can issue a birth certificate. The hospital is not able to order or provide birth certificates.
  • The birth certificate takes at least six weeks to process and may not be obtained prior to this time.

Proof of Birth Letter

Fairview Hospital will provide a proof-of-birth letter to all parents for insurance and other purposes.

Social Security

Federal tax law requires all children, including infants, to have a Social Security number. There are two options for obtaining a Social Security number:

  • Fairview Hospital will apply for the number and parents will be given a questionnaire upon admission to the post-partum unit. Simply check "yes" to the question pertaining to the Social Security card and it will be mailed directly to your home within two months.
  • You may apply directly to your Social Security Office for the card.