Fairview Hospital’s Department of Anesthesiology serves as a model of excellence. The department consists of 13 multi-subspecialty, fellowship-trained anesthesiologists in pediatrics, obstetrics, cardiology, vascular, neuroanesthesia, trauma, pain management, etc. and nine nurse anesthetists.

The department’s unique, sub-specialized staff sets Fairview’s anesthesiology services apart from other hospitals throughout Greater Cleveland. Fairview is one of the very few hospitals to offer exclusive 24 hour, in-house anesthesiologists who are dedicated to obstetric and support care for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). We also have two fellowship-trained neuro anesthesiologists who enhance Fairview’s status as a Level II Trauma Center.

The hospital also has exclusive availability of a 24 hour, on-call anesthesiologist dedicated for emergency surgery. The department has five fellowship trained pediatric anesthesiologists who promote the expanding pediatric and neonatal surgery services. In addition, we have full-time interventional pain management specialists who provide the most state-of-the-art and comprehensive pain management services 24/7 for inpatient referrals and five days a week for outpatients.