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Receive virtual continuous care from the comfort of your own home on a laptop or ipad.

Continuous Virtual Care

Continuous Virtual Care with Express Care® Online allows you to manage your healthcare needs - virtually.

Whether you are looking for a dedicated health practitioner or already have one but would prefer a virtual primary care option, our Continuous Care program is for you. Continuous Care gives you the freedom to manage all of your primary healthcare needs virtually.

With a dedicated Continuous Care practitioner, you will have the same provider looking after you to ensure continuity of care and make your healthcare experience more personalized and focused. Throughout the year, you will receive proactive oversight of your primary health concerns including preventive care, management of chronic conditions, proactive management of your prescriptions, and referrals to specialists.

Why Choose Us for Continuous Virtual Care?

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Have a dedicated clinician:

Your Continuous Care clinician will get to know you, and work with you on a personalized care plan. This ensures continuity of your care.

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Receive proactive preventative care:

Throughout the year, your Continuous Care team will arrange for any required referrals to specialists, proactively manage your prescriptions and ensure your health screenings are up-to-date.

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Get access to your baseline lab work:

This includes 6-12 month comparison intervals. It’s quick and convenient to get the diagnosis or treatment you need.

Our Virtual Care Difference

Our Virtual Care Difference

Cleveland Clinic Express Care Online + TytoHome

Remote Medical Exam Kit

All Continuous Care patients receive TytoHome ™, an innovative, Health Canada approved remote medical exam kit that is simple to use and enables you to have a seamless, high-quality remote medical exam with your provider. Using this device, your nurse can remotely take your temperature, examine your throat and ears, listen to your heart and lungs and take your temperature, increasing your range of virtual diagnoses.

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Schedule an appointment with your dedicated Continuous Care provider 7 days a week.

Scheduled Appointments

You can schedule an appointment with your dedicated Continuous Care provider or use Express Care Online On-Demand to speak to any Cleveland Clinic Canada clinician 7 days a week.

Receive any necessary prescriptions and prescription refills from the pharmacy of your choice.

Proactive Prescriptions and Renewals

Throughout the year, your Continuous Care team will proactively manage your prescriptions and ensure your health screenings are up-to-date.

How Do I Get Started?

Our clinicians are available to see patients virtually 7 a.m. - 7 p.m., 7 days a week, across Canada.

To sign up for Continuous Care, email us or call 416.507.6792.

Please note that Continuous Care is currently only available for Ontario residents 18 years and older. This service will eventually be expanded to children over the age of 2 years old, as well as to other Canadian provinces. If you currently live outside of Ontario, our team would be happy to add your name to a waiting list and contact you when this service offering expands across Canada.

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