Sleep Disorders


Hypersomnia Carepath

2019 - 2021

A 2019-2021 analysis found only 27% of encounters in patients with central nervous system disorders of hypersomnolence were clinic visits; the remainder consisted of phone calls for refill requests, with no routine follow-up and no quality or safety assessments in place. A market research survey found scheduling was the biggest barrier to care, reported by 50% of patients. Since 2019, the Cleveland Clinic Sleep Disorders Center has realized a more than 300% increase in hypersomnia patients, while the number of providers increased only 50%, further complicating access and standardization. To address this challenge, a Hypersomnia Carepath was created in 2022 to detail visit type/cadence and frequency of pharmacotherapy safety monitoring with input from caregivers and patients. Growing patient volumes and care teams, changing prescribing regulations, and patient and caregiver frustration support one standard process for scheduling and monitoring hypersomnia patients. Preliminary feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with more consistent care and safety monitoring, despite fewer phone calls and patient messages.