Cerebrovascular Disease

Mobile Stroke Unit Response Time

Mobile Stroke Treatment Unit Response Time 2014-2018

Cleveland Clinic’s mobile stroke treatment unit (MSTU) — one of the first units of its kind in the US — was launched to shorten the time between the onset of a patient’s stroke-like symptoms and the delivery of clot-busting drugs (IV t-PA) to treat a stroke. The unit is operated by specialized staff who use its advanced equipment to allow Cleveland Clinic stroke physicians to swiftly diagnose stroke and, when appropriate, direct the administration of lifesaving medications while the patient is still en route to an emergency department. The MSTU team's goal is the efficient transport of stroke patients who are found to have a blockage of a major brain blood vessel to a hospital capable of performing a thrombectomy, a type of procedure to remove blood clots from the brain. Time remains the single most important factor in stroke treatment, and the MSTU team continually works toward more efficient processes. Traditional ambulance care seeks to deliver IV t-PA within 80 minutes from the time the patient activates the emergency response system. Since it was launched in July 2014, Cleveland Clinic’s MSTU has transported over 1300 stroke patients, administered IV t-PA to 170, and helped 47 patients undergo a thrombectomy procedure. In 2018, Cleveland Clinic’s MSTU was able to administer IV t-PA 38 minutes faster on average than if a patient was transported to an emergency department using a traditional ambulance. Commitment to this level of service has resulted in care that consistently beats targets, improving MSTU time to IV t-PA treatment by 25% over the past 4 years.

MTSU-Mobile Stroke Treatment Unit