TheraSphere is a type of hepatic brachytherapy used for inoperable hepatocellular or liver carcinoma. TheraSphere consists of millions of radioactive microscopic glass spheres, which are infused into the arteries that feed liver tumors.

The interventional radiologist makes a small incision in the groin and places a catheter into the femoral artery under x-ray guidance. This catheter or tube is advanced up into the hepatic artery that feeds the cancerous tumor.

A treatment plan is developed by the nuclear medicine physician to infuse the radioactive material in the spheres, Yttruim-90, directly into the liver to target the tumors and spare healthy liver tissue and surrounding normal structures.

Additional Information

The beta radiation from the Yttrium-90 provides a local therapeutic effect. For more information, please contact Grace Cheah at 216.444.4748.