What is home sperm banking?

Our NextGen® home sperm banking program allows patients to collect semen samples in the privacy of their home, rather than coming to a fertility lab. Through this novel approach, specimens are shipped in a specially designed container to the Cleveland Clinic Andrology Laboratory and Reproductive Tissue Bank. The NextGen Home Sperm Banking kit provides patients a safe and reliable process to store semen samples and preserve their fertility for future.

Why would someone need sperm banking?

Sperm banking is used when a man may want to have children in the future, but current circumstances prevent the certainty that they'll be able to conceive through traditional methods. This can be because of dangerous military deployment overseas, cancer or other treatments for certain diseases which cause infertility, and many other situations.

If you want to have children, when undergoing major procedures, it is a good idea to ask your doctor about any potential negative complications that could lead to infertility.

Am I eligible for home sperm banking?

Home sperm banking is an option for all men who wish to provide semen samples from the comfort of their home to preserve their fertility for the future. Providing a safe and reliable practice to store samples, banking from home will avoid emotional stress and other privacy related issues. Patients who may be interested in this service include men who are:

  • Interested in preserving their fertility
  • Undergoing infertility treatment
  • Prior to treatment of cancer which may affect fertility
  • Choosing to have a vasectomy and preserve sperm for future use
  • Military personnel before deployment

Will I need a referral?

Yes, you will need a referral from your physician for this service.

How can I learn more?

Call 866.9BANKIN (866.922.6546)

How does home sperm banking work?

Call 866.9BANKIN (866.922.6546) and the Andrology Lab personnel will explain the process. A Patient Financial Advocate will then collect credit card payment over the phone and a kit will be mailed to your home including:

  • Semen Collection and Storage Agreement – read the document thoroughly, sign and return with the sample.
  • Testing Instructions for Client Depositors Utilizing Home Sperm Banking Services – read the document thoroughly, sign and return with the sample.
  • Kit Preparation, Collection & Transportation Instructions
  • Off-Site Collection Consent – to be returned with the sample
  • Packing instructions
  • Questionnaire – to be returned with the sample

Follow instructions included in packet and return kit to Cleveland Clinic. Tests will be completed and results reported according to the instructions provided in the kit.

To learn more about Cleveland Clinic’s NextGen sperm banking program, download our free treatment guide.

For additional frequently asked questions, please refer to our sperm banking treatment page.

Downloadable Forms

To make the remote sperm banking process easier, you may download the appropriate forms below.

To contact the Remote Sperm Banking program, please call 866-9BANKIN or 866.922.6546.

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