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The Center for Dialysis offers long-term services to meet the different needs of patients. Chronic therapies, including hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, are a lifeline supporting patients until kidney transplant. All options for care of long-term dialysis patients are provided at locations throughout Northeast Ohio. At-home dialysis is also available after patient training, allowing individuals more freedom and control over their therapy. 

Innovative Solutions

Kidney failure is often associated with other medical issues, such as heart disease, other cardiovascular disease or cancer. Patients with a history of kidney problems who are on dialysis and undergo major surgery are at a special risk for complications. That’s why the Center for Dialysis works closely with other Cleveland Clinic specialties, addressing patients’ kidney failure prior to surgery and taking appropriate steps to ensure the best possible outcomes.



ICU Nephrology

The ICU Nephrology service provides renal replacement therapy (RRT) for one of the busiest acute kidney injury programs in the world. The expertise of our nephrology staff is a critical component in the achievement of outstanding surgical outcomes in critically ill patients with cardiovascular disease, organ transplantation, congestive heart failure, organ failure and other critical medical problems. The ICU nephrology team has a long tradition of innovation and quality dialysis that has resulted in increased survival.

In Hospital Dialysis Unit

Our 21 bed state-of-the-art dialysis facility represents one of the most modernized hospital dialysis units in the United States. We are focused on optimal dialysis delivery, automated electronic treatment data monitoring/analysis and the provision of high-quality dialysis water through the use of innovative water purification systems. This unit supports the entire in-hospital population of renal failure patients and those outpatients with renal failure who are visiting Cleveland Clinic for additional medical and surgical care. We also assist in the evaluation of patients who are experiencing difficulty with standard dialysis provided elsewhere. We examine those specific factors that may impact patient outcomes and aim to provide solutions that improve survival for hospitalized and outpatient kidney failure patients.


Hemodialysis requires a minor surgical procedure in the arm to create an access called an AV fistula that is used to draw the blood into the dialysis machine. The machine acts as an artificial kidney that pumps blood through a filter to remove waste products and returns clean blood to the bloodstream.

  • Hemodialysis services are available at Cleveland Clinic regional outpatient facilities.
  • Through a strategic partnership, Cleveland Clinic, MetroHealth Medical System and Fresenius Medical Care offer outpatient dialysis serving all of Northeast Ohio through the Ohio Renal Care Group. The patient care staff and administrative professional leadership provide patients in need of chronic dialysis with multiple options for either in-center or home dialysis. Each of the Northeast Ohio locations is managed by a Cleveland Clinic or MetroHealth medical director and a multidisciplinary team of nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers and dietitians and technicians. Patients can count on getting quality care in a convenient, comfortable setting.
  • Committees of patients and staff meet regularly to ensure tailored patient care.
  • Staff members are dedicated to developing innovative programs so patients can use time spent on dialysis learning a new skill or participating in a group activity.
  • Patients receive their care from the same doctors and nurse practitioners for each treatment.
  • Our units are staffed by Cleveland Clinic kidney specialists and nurse practitioners with advanced training in the care of patients with kidney failure. Doctors from other hospital systems, along with local nephrologists, also care for their patients in our units.
  • Cleveland Clinic nephrologists work with Cleveland Clinic cardiologists and other specialists when necessary to expand care for our patients beyond dialysis.
  • We use the most advanced dialysis machines on the market and advanced features that measure therapy during dialysis which assures that the best treatment is given.
  • Patients see the same doctors and nurse practitioners at each visit, and we get to know patients on an individual basis.

Peritoneal Dialysis

Peritoneal dialysis gives patients more independence because the procedure can be performed at home. A small surgical procedure places a dialysis catheter into the abdomen. A solution called dialysate is delivered through the catheter, filling the abdomen cavity (peritoneal membrane). It remains in the abdomen for two to six hours, while wastes and extra fluid are removed. The fluid is then drained from the catheter and discarded.

  • Performed during the day (ambulatory) or with a cycling machine overnight (cycler) during sleep.
  • Appropriate for self-motivated individuals who have not undergone prior abdominal surgery.
  • Cleveland Clinic’s peritoneal dialysis team is available 24/7 for patient support.


Robert Heyka, MD
Robert Heyka, MD
Department Chair, Nephrology & Hypertension
Leslie Wong, MD
Leslie Wong, MD
Vice Chair, Clinical Transformation
Diana Deitzer, DO
Diana Deitzer, DO
Medical Director, Avon Hospital Nephrology and Dialysis Services
Georges Nakhoul, MD
Georges Nakhoul, MD
Director, Center for Chronic Kidney Disease
Emilio Poggio, MD
Emilio Poggio, MD
Medical Director, Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation
Jonathan Taliercio, DO
Jonathan Taliercio, DO
Medical Director, Cleveland Clinic West Dialysis Unit


Our dialysis centers combine the services and expertise of Cleveland Clinic, MetroHealthSystem and Fresenius Medical Care North America to provide life-saving education, dialysis services and kidney transplantation to patients in the Greater Cleveland area.

We have established warm and friendly dialysis environments which promote personalized care for each patient. This environment includes a Medical Director, who is typically a staff member of Cleveland Clinic or MetroHealth, and a multidisciplinary team of highly-trained nurses, technicians, social workers, dietitians and office personnel dedicated to providing high quality renal care.

Bedford Dialysis Center
5035 Richmond Rd.
Bedford Heights, OH 44146

Eastside Dialysis Center
2429 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.
Cleveland, OH 44104

Euclid Dialysis Center
26450 Euclid Ave.
Euclid, OH 44132

Solon Dialysis Center
6020 Enterprise Parkway
Solon, OH 44139

East Cleveland Dialysis Center (Stephanie Tubbs Jones Family Health Center)
13944 Euclid Ave.
East Cleveland, OH 44112

Mentor Dialysis Center
8840 Tyler Blvd.
Mentor, OH 44060

Westside Dialysis Center
14670 Snow Rd.
Brookpark, OH 44142

Westlake Dialysis Center
26024 Detroit Rd.
Westlake, OH 44145

Ohio Home Dialysis Center
2429 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
Cleveland, OH 44104