Salman Fairouz travels 7,000 miles to Cleveland Clinic and avoids losing his hand.

At Cleveland Clinic, our pediatric orthopaedic specialists are dedicated to helping children and adolescents return to an active lifestyle. Our team works hand-in-hand with experts from Cleveland Clinic Children’s – including physical therapists, child life specialists, and pediatric anesthesiologists, rheumatolo­gists and neurologists – to accurately diagnose your child’s condition and develop the most appropriate treatment plan.

If your child is experiencing a joint, muscle or bone problem, it is important to bring it to the attention of your pediatrician or seek help from an orthopaedic specialist.

We understand that children are not just small adults. Our staff feels strongly that the care of children’s orthopae­dic problems differs immensely from adult orthopaedics – and we treat our patients according to their age, development and size. We pay special attention not only to their medical and/or surgical needs, but also the relationships among the caregiver, child and his or her family.


If you are already in an emergency room setting, request that your child be seen by a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon.

For a same-day fracture appointment at Cleveland Clinic, please call locally 216.444.6260 or toll-free 800.223.2273. ext. 6260.



Fractures are perhaps the leading reason for referral to pediatric orthopaedic surgeons. Fractures in children are extremely common and, fortunately, most are treated exceptionally well with standard techniques.

Despite the relatively straightforward nature of fracture treatment in children, the growing skeleton presents unique challenges to the treating physician.

Other fractures in children are treated well with brief cast im­mobilization. The length of time needed to heal fractures in children is often less than a comparable fracture in an adult.

Not only do children’s fractures heal more quickly than adults, they have the unique capacity to ‘remodel,’ or grow straighter with time. Consequently, perfect alignment is not always essen­tial, and in some cases is detrimental to the final outcome.

While most children’s fractures can be managed without surgery, operative treatment provides superior outcomes in select injuries. Fractures that typically do better with operative treatment include open or compound fractures, displaced growth plate fractures, and fractures that involve the surface of a joint.

Pediatric orthopaedic surgeons at Cleveland Clinic have implemented a unique program to help expedite prompt fracture care for children in Northeast Ohio. The “same day” fracture program allows patients urgent access to a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon. When families call before 1 p.m., children with fractures are seen the same day for immediate evaluation and management.

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