Orthotists and prosthetists are experts in the design, fitting and fabrication of devices that improve function and mobility or reduce pain. They work collectively with trusted physicians and physical therapists in order to provide customized care for each patient. As a team, the goal is to help individuals with limb deficiencies, musculoskeletal problems and neurologic disorders affecting the extremities or spine.

Nationally certified and licensed by the state of Ohio, we offer skilled, compassionate care of pediatric, adult and elderly patients. We work closely with prescribing physicians in Orthopaedics, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Podiatry or Vascular Surgery; as well as physical therapists and occupational therapists. Our goal is optimal function and comfort for our patients.



Services Provided


Prosthetics designs prostheses (artificial limbs) for patients who have undergone an amputation or present with a congenital anomaly. The prosthesis is custom designed for each individual to fulfill both cosmetic and biomechanic needs.


Orthotics treats individuals who require support for their spine or extremity. Orthoses (braces) are custom designed and fabricated to meet an individual’s needs. The orthosis may be needed to reduce pain or to provide support to an extremity that has lost function due to damage to bones, ligaments, nerves or muscles.


Pedorthics is a sub-specialty of orthotics dealing only with disorders of the feet. Pedorthists design custom fabricated foot orthoses (shoe inserts) or identify appropriate shoe modifications that can be completed to provide the patient relief and protection.

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