Excellence in Healthcare That You Have Come to Expect

Our patient-friendly facility offers both Cleveland Clinic Akron General primary care physicians and specialists.

Our specialty services include:

24-hour Emergency Department

The Stow Health and Wellness Center's Emergency Department offers 24-hour emergency care with board-certified, emergency medicine physicians who are available around-the-clock to provide comprehensive care to adults and children. Backed by the full resources of Cleveland Clinic Akron General and Cleveland Clinic, the Emergency Department provides advanced care in your community.

LifeStyles Fitness Program

LifeStyles, a medically-based fitness program at Akron General's Health & Wellness Centers, was created to help you incorporate not just exercise, but overall wellness into your lifestyle. Athletic trainers, personal trainers and exercise physiologists and nutritionists are available to help you meet your goals. To contact our LifeStyles location at the Akron General Health and Wellness Center, Stow, please call 330.945.3100.