New treatments

Newer approaches to treating prostate cancer continue to appear. Among the newer developments:

  • Docetaxel (Taxotere®), a drug that is approved to treat breast cancer, has now been approved to treat advanced prostate cancer. Studies are underway to determine if the drug is beneficial in earlier stages of the cancer and in combination with other treatments.
  • Cryosurgery (using liquid nitrogen to freeze and kill cancer cells) is being studied. While it seems to reduce urinary problems caused by surgery, it is associated with a high rate of impotence (as much as 80%).

Vaccines (using the body's own immune system to kill off cancer cells) and angiogenesis inhibitors (drugs that work by cutting off the blood supply to cancer tumors to try to starve them) are other areas of continuing research.

This document presents an overview of possible treatments for prostate cancer. The field of knowledge regarding prostate cancer treatments is growing and changing all the time.

The results of new studies can be confusing and can raise even more questions. It is wise to seek out hospitals and doctors that have a lot of experience with prostate cancer care. In addition, do your own research and bring your questions and concerns to your doctors. Together, you can make the best, well-informed decisions for your situation.

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