Cerebrovascular Disease

Change in Health Status

Change in Health Status After Acute Stroke

2018, Cerebrovascular, All Patients

The graph illustrates the percentage of patients who improved, worsened, or were stable approximately 1 year after acute stroke. Analysis was restricted to patients who had abnormal scores at baseline. Meaningful change was defined as a 5 point change in score for all scales.¹

Global mental and physical health, physical function, fatigue, anxiety, pain interference, sleep disturbance and social role satisfaction were measured by the Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS®) set of measures. Patients with a score of ≤ 45 (significantly lower than population normal) were followed. Change was defined as ≥ 5 point difference between measurements (half of a standard deviation). Depression was measured by the Patient Health Questionnaire, a self-reported measure of depression. Only those with depression at early assessment (score ≥ 10 points) were included in analysis. A change of ≥ 5 points was deemed a meaningful change.

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