The Center for Human Nutrition (CHN) provides evaluation, education, and treatment to people who have disease-related nutrition problems. Our dedicated team of registered dietitians (RDs), dietetic technicians (NDTRs), nurses, and physicians work together to provide comprehensive support for patients with specialized nutrition needs. Our services are available at Main Campus, Regional Hospitals, and Family Health Centers in northeast Ohio, as well as virtually.

A registered dietitian practices the science of medical nutrition therapy. Based on your nutrition status, condition, illness, injury, or personal goals, a dietitian will work with you to optimize your health and improve your recovery. Not all "nutritionists" have the same expertise or training. It is important to check their training and credentials.

People seek guidance from an RD for many reasons. Some individuals want to maximize wellness and learn to eat healthier to decrease the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, or cancer. Others would like to learn more about sports nutrition, maintaining a healthy weight or aging healthfully. An RD will help you develop a personal diet plan to help you achieve your goals.

Why choose us?

As a large multidisciplinary nutrition department, our Registered Dietitians (RDs) are leaders in the field of dietetics. Many of our registered dietitians maintain board-certified specializations in nutrition support, diabetes management, oncology, weight management, and geriatrics. Center for Human Nutrition dietitians are also experts in diagnosing and treating malnutrition.

Many of our team members maintain leadership roles in state and national professional organizations. Our experts are well-known authors of numerous publications and invited speakers across the country, on several topics. In addition, the Center for Human Nutrition hosts a number of educational opportunities for both emerging and experienced professionals, including the Dietetic Internship, Nutrition Fellowship and the Advanced Practice Residency.

What We Treat

What We Treat

Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Human Nutrition offers a number of specialized nutrition services for each step of your medical journey, including but not limited to the conditions below.

Our services

Nutrition therapy

Registered dietitians and dietetic technicians work together as a part of the medical team to support patients in improving their health using nutrition. Registered dietitians provide nutrition care and education for a variety of conditions. We work with patients to create a unique nutrition plan based on personal goals and medical needs.

Nutrition support at home

The home nutrition support team is a multidisciplinary group that manages specialized nutrition needs for patients using parenteral or IV nutrition.

Nutrition for gut rehabilitation

The Center for Gut Rehabilitation and Transplant is a team of dietitians and physicians who work to improve gut function for patients with diagnoses which include intestinal failure, short bowel syndrome, malabsorption, and intestinal disease.

Our Team

Our Team

Appointments & Locations

Appointments & Locations

To make an appointment with one of our dietitians, please call 216.444.3046 or 866.320.4573 (toll-free). Hearing Impaired (TTY) Assistance is available at 216.444.0261.

Appointment types

The following types of appointments are currently available at our main campus, as well as many of our family health centers, hospitals and other regional locations:

  • In-person appointment: During one-on-one counseling, a Registered Dietitian will create an individualized nutrition plan based on your personal goals and medical needs.
  • Virtual visit: Virtual visits with a Registered Dietitian offer the benefits of one-on-one counseling with the convenience of a session via your computer or mobile device.
  • Shared nutrition appointment (SNA): Shared Nutrition Appointments are dietitian-led and offer a strong focus on education and support for two or more patients with the same diagnosis or diet education needs.
  • Shared medical appointment (SMA): Shared Medical Appointments are physician-led groups supported by a dietitian to provide nutrition education, diet plans and guidance toward lifestyle changes.
  • “Eat Well” group nutrition class: A series of weekly classes led by RD’s offering comprehensive information and application techniques that promote lasting behavior change to support weight loss efforts. Currently available to Cleveland Clinic EHP participants only. To learn more about joining an upcoming class, please contact eatwell@ccf.org for more information. Please note: These appointments are only available to Cleveland Clinic employees that participate in the CC EHP at this time. Evening sessions are available.


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For Medical Professionals

For Medical Professionals

Referring a patient to Cleveland Clinic

Providers can refer patients by contacting the hotline Referring a Patient to Cleveland Clinic 855.REFER.123 (855.733.3712).

Internship, residency & fellowship programs

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Other resources

Get the latest diet, food and fitness tips on Cleveland Clinic’s website, Health Essentials.

Below are useful resources for reliable nutrition information from other organizations:

Please Note: The information provided above is considered to be general information, and is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or health care provider. Please consult your health care provider for advice about a specific medical condition.