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Inventors' Partnership with Cleveland Clinic Innovations

For over nine decades, Cleveland Clinic has been a leader in developing techniques and technologies that have improved and extended human life. We are all aware of the contributions made by Cleveland Clinic physicians and scientists in the areas like cardiac care, dialysis, transplant surgery, and orthopedic device development. For nearly, 15 years, Cleveland Clinic Innovations (CCI) has provided the infrastructure and expertise to develop and commercialize the transcendent thought of Cleveland Clinic Staff.

We recognized that this unique competency was scalable and transferable; you may have heard of the Global Healthcare Innovation Alliance, through which CCI assists other academic medical centers and research universities to create their own innovation culture and afford their innovators access to our mature process. The success of that program informed us that we had identified yet another distinguishing characteristic of our great institution.

There is no more important group for whom Cleveland Clinic Innovations should extend their services than the alumni who contributed so profoundly to the Clinic's legacy and expand our identity by representing us all over the world. We now have architected the echoism by which all alumni of Cleveland Clinic can benefit from the industry-leading capability of CCI, resulting in enhancement of your ability to help patients, as well as realize the personal and professional fulfillment that accompanies inventorship.

Do you have a solution to improve lives? Learn how you can partner with Cleveland Clinic Innovations. Submit an inquiry or call us at 216.444.5757.

Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine

Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine is available at a discounted annual printed subscription rate of $60. CCJM is also available online free of charge. Alumni who are practicing internists, cardiologists, nephrologists, endocrinologists, or diabetologists and who are not located on Cleveland Clinic's campus are eligible for free subscriptions. For subscription requests, please call 216.444.2661 or email [email protected].

World-Wide Critical Care Transport

Cleveland Clinic's Critical Care Transport team serves critically ill and highly complex patients across the globe. The role of Critical Care Transport team is to bring critically ill and highly complex patients from around the world here to receive care whether the transfer is by ground or air.

As an integral part of Cleveland Clinic's network, we would like to offer you 10% off Global CARE (Critical Care Air Rescue and Evacuation) - Cleveland Clinic's premier air medical evacuation membership.

When traveling on business or vacationing around the globe, one phone call can bring Cleveland Clinic care to you anytime, anywhere. And they can transport you to any medical facility of your choice. It's easy - and it's affordable.

With Global CARE, if you become hospitalized more than 150 miles from home and cannot travel commercially, Cleveland Clinic's Critical Care Transport team will:

  • Fly you to the Cleveland Clinic or any medical facility of your choice in the United States. Most travel insurance plans get you to the "nearest appropriate facility", giving you no control over the destination or more importantly, the quality of your care that you will receive.
  • Provide you the expertise of a Cleveland Clinic physician or acute care nurse practitioner to care for you in-flight, in addition to other critical care nurses and paramedics.
  • Provide transport anytime, day or night, 365 days a year*. Each year, we complete more than 4,500 medical transports from across the country and around the world.

Emergency medical air transport can cost up to $200,000 and often is not covered by traditional health insurance. But Global CARE coverage costs a fraction of that: $400 per year for individuals or $600 per year for families. And the cost is even less for you. All Cleveland Clinic alumni qualify for a 10 percent discount.

Get Global CARE and get peace of mind knowing that Cleveland Clinic can be on the way as soon as you call.

Get the 10 percent discount online by using the code CCALUMNI.

*Please note due to foreign regulations and approval, additional time may be required for an international transport.

Continuing Medical Education

As an alumnus, you are eligible to receive a discount on select CME courses.

Ideas for Tomorrow

Since 2005, we've invited international thought leaders to visit our main campus and present Ideas for Tomorrow. The one-hour presentations invite participants to broaden their thinking.

Cleveland Clinic Fitness Center

W.O. Walker Building passes are available to Cleveland Clinic Retired Alumni for a nominal charge, $240/year.

Please call the Fitness Center for additional information at 216.444.8765.

Disability Insurance

Guardian Life Insurance Company offers a 10% permanent discount on all fully-underwritten disability income insurance to Cleveland Clinic physicians.

Eligible for the discount:

  • Cleveland Clinic residents and fellows in training (discount continues after completion of training
  • Cleveland Clinic alumni residing in the U.S. or Canada
  • Cleveland Clinic staff physicians at all Cleveland Clinic U.S. and Canada locations
  • Medical students enrolled at Cleveland Clinic's Lerner College of Medicine (discount continues after completion of training)

To learn more about the plan, please contact:


Discounts are available to Alumni, Employees, Patients, and Consultants staying in Cleveland, Florida and the Las Vegas areas.

For discount and hotel information for Cleveland Clinic Campus areas, please call Cleveland Clinic's travel office at 216.636.7277. For discount hotel information for non-campus destinations, please contact our trusted travel source, American Express (AMEX), at 216.444.2564.

Reservations for any InterContinental Hotels Group in Cleveland can be made by emailing [email protected] or calling 216.707.4000.




  • Accept Referrals from Cleveland Clinic
  • Floyd D. Loop Alumni Library
  • Refer A Patient
  • MyConsult
  • MyPractice Community(SM)
  • Global Patient Services
  • Career Development
  • Laboratory Services
  • Physician Engagement

Accept Referrals from Cleveland Clinic

We receive inquiries from patients from all over the world searching for Cleveland Clinic trained physicians in your area. Use this convenient tool to update your information in our database so that we can connect patients to you:

Floyd D. Loop Alumni Library

The Alumni Library was made possible through the generous philanthropic leadership of our alumni community. Gifts from our alumni supported the building of our state-of-the-art Alumni Library. We thank you for your commitment to the future of this great institution.

Alumni are welcome to visit Cleveland Clinic's Alumni Library in person and utilize computers to access all electronic resources. Library staff is on hand to complete literature searches, and provide copies of articles from print journals. The Alumni Office offers parking validation to Alumni who visit the library. For details, please email [email protected].

Refer A Patient

Cleveland Clinic welcomes referrals from alumni and is committed to responding to all alumni referrals in a timely fashion. Alumni patient referrals are highly valued at Cleveland Clinic, and we continually welcome your feedback on the referral process.

  • Learn more about patient referrals or call the Referring Physician Hotline at 855.733.3712


DrConnect is an Internet-based service specially developed to streamline the coordination of care for patients referred to Cleveland Clinic. This free service allows our physician colleagues and their staff access to their patients' electronic medical records and provides real-time updates regarding the treatment their patients receive. Alumni who wish to refer a patient to Cleveland Clinic should identify themselves as such when making a referral, which will ensure your referral receives priority attention.


MyConsult® is an online medical second opinion service that connects patients to Cleveland Clinic's expertise for over 1,200 life-threatening and life-changing diagnoses. Following a thorough review of medical records and diagnostic tests, Cleveland Clinic physician experts render a medical second opinion that includes treatment options or alternatives, as well as recommendations regarding future therapeutic considerations. In addition to second opinions for medical conditions, MyConsult® also offers Nutrition Consultations and international Pre-Adoption Consultations.

MyPractice Community(SM)

MyPractice Community(SM) is an electronic medical record system designed specifically to meet the needs of the busy private practice physician. It is the customized extension of the same system used in all Cleveland Clinic facilities, and is ONC-ATB certified. An Internet-based system, MyPractice Community(SM) allows physicians secure access to their entire medical practice anytime, anywhere.

Global Patient Services

Global Patient Services is a full-service department with more than 70 patient service specialists, patient service coordinators, financial counselors, and support staff. Global Patient Services is dedicated to meeting the needs and requirements for global patients and their families.

Career Development

Education, patient care and innovation is of the utmost importance to Cleveland Clinic. Whether you have completed your training or not, it is important to reflect on the idea that education is a journey - there is always more to learn. To learn more about Career Development through training at Cleveland Clinic, visit the websites listed below.

Laboratory Services

Cleveland Clinic Laboratories (CCL) is a full-service, national reference lab dedicated to providing world class care. CCL offers high-quality, state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratory and pathology services combined with readily available consultations with experienced pathologists and laboratory scientists.

Cleveland Clinic Laboratories is home to anatomic, clinical and molecular pathology laboratories with annual test volumes exceeding 10 million. The facilities feature the most advanced technology and offer a comprehensive test menu of more than 2,400 tests.

Cleveland Clinic Laboratories is proud to serve hospitals, outpatient facilities and physicians worldwide. CCL provides the highest quality laboratory testing and expert pathology diagnosis to patients institutionally, regionally and nationally.

For more information, please call 216.444.5755 or 800.628.6816.

Physician Engagement

The Physician Engagement Education Series brings healthcare providers together from around the world to discuss and share ideas on current and cutting edge concepts in medicine through interactive broadcasts. The interactive format includes case presentations and discussion by key opinion leaders from around the world with audience and faculty interaction, discussion, polling and debate. The live broadcasts are recorded and available online for healthcare providers to review even after the live event.