Giving to Alumni Association

Giving to Alumni Association

Support the Alumni Association by contributing to one of the following alumni funds:

  • A gift to Alumni Education and Research or the Alumni Endowed fund supports training the next generation through professional development grants and awards.
  • Consider fueling bright ideas that impact countless lives by supporting the Catalyst Grants program.

Please consider making a gift today!

Additional ways to give to Cleveland Clinic

Support the Alumni Legacy Society

Support the Alumni Legacy Society

Make a gift today or join our Alumni Legacy Society!

Cleveland Clinic Alumni making philanthropic gifts of $5,000 or more to any fund of their choosing are welcomed into the Alumni Legacy Society, which is helping to advance Cleveland Clinic’s mission and continue a long tradition of excellence. 

The Alumni Legacy Society embraces Cleveland Clinic’s core values of service, integrity and compassion. As you know, our founders introduced a distinctive clinical model in which practitioners from diverse fields of medicine could share their expertise and join together to act as a unit. Their willingness to invest in this vision not only ensured Cleveland Clinic’s survival, but also its success as a world-renowned medical institution. Gifts through the Alumni Legacy Society will continue their legacy.

For more information about the Alumni Legacy Society, please contact Mindy Stroh, Senior Director, Alumni Relations, at 216.444.2487.

A gift to research advances:

  • The launch of the Discovery Accelerator, the first quantum computer used in healthcare.
  • The Center for Immunotherapy & Precision Immuno-Oncology’s development of immune-based therapies that offer new hope to patients with cancer and other diseases.
  • Life-saving outcomes at the Center for Therapeutics Discovery to shorten the time between research and clinical drug trials.
  • Studies at our Global Center for Pathogen & Human Health Research to find new ways to protect against public health threats such as HIV/AIDS, Dengue fever, Zika and COVID-19.
  • Expansion of the Genomic Medicine Institute, where 12 lab teams are pursuing innovations to personalize patient care in several areas: brain, cancer, heart and blood vessels, inflammation, systems biology and bioinformatics and virology.

A gift to education and training inspires:

  • Hands-on learning for research fellows from our top leaders in cancer, virology, genomics and drug development— building knowledge they will translate to clinical care around the globe.
  • Mastery of working with highly infectious contagions through cross-training at our Florida Research and Innovation Center’s biosafety level 3 labs.
  • Collaboration with our academic partner institutions for broad workforce development outcomes in medicine and technology.
  • More students to attend our tuition-free medical school.

As a valued member of our Alumni family, you embody Cleveland Clinic’s core values of service, integrity and compassion. As you know, our founders introduced a distinctive clinical model in which practitioners from diverse fields of medicine could share their expertise and join together to act as a unit. Their willingness to invest in this vision not only ensured Cleveland Clinic’s survival but also its success as a world-renowned medical institution. Your gift continues their legacy.

Alumni Legacy Society Members

Alumni Legacy Society Members

Make a gift today or join our Alumni Legacy Society!

Alumni Cornerstone & 1921 Society Members ($100,000 or more)

Anonymous gift in honor of Libby Gupta
Gift in honor of Dr. Richard Lang
Dr. Geoffrey and Mrs. Susan Lefferts
Dr. Kenneth K. Leung
Dr. Christopher and Donna Lew
Dr. Carl & Mrs. Nancy Linge
Mrs. Sipra and Dr. Gopal B. Saha
The Viguera Family

Visionary ($20,000 – $99,999)

Dr. Lee and Mrs. Marlene Adler
Drs. Syed and Nikhat Ahmed
Dr. David Bronson and Dr. Kathy Franco
Dr. Leonard and Mrs. Marie Calabrese
Drs. John and Mary Clough
Dr. Robert E. and Mary G. LeFevre
"In memory of Dr. Fay A. LeFevre"
Dr. Michael and Dr. Haifa Hanna
"In honor of Drs. Peter Mazzano, Sudish Murthy, Maan Fares, and Samir Kapadia"
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Pauline Hermann
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Jacobs
Dr. Vinod and Mrs. Manju Joshi
Drs. Walter and Isabella Laude
Dr. John P. MacLaurin and Mrs. Sharon MacLaurin
Drs. Amy and James Merlino
Dr. Max and Mrs. Linda Proffitt
Dr. Susan Rehm
Dr. David and Julie Rho
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Janet Rice
Dr. Vinod and Dr. Sudarshan Sahgal
Dr. Anas Saleh
“In honor of my father Abdul-Rahman Saleh"
Dr. Donald Schermer
Dr. Kazunari Tanabe
Dr. E. Murat Tuzcu and Dr. Fusun Tuzcu
Dr. James B. Young and Mrs. Kathryn Lavelle

Founder ($10,000 – $19,999)

Dr. Janos Bacsanyi
Dr. Hassan Barazi
Dr. Kenneth Barngrover
Dr. John R. (Jerry) & Kathleen P. Bartholomew
Dr. George and Mrs. Jeanie Belhobek
Dr. Conrado and Mrs. Ester Castor
Dr. James Chambers
“In memory of William L. Chambers, Sr.”
Dr. Ravi Chittajallu
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Cusumano
Dr. Zeyd Ebrahim and Dr. Lilian Gonsalves Ebrahim
Dr. Fetnat Fouad-Tarazi
“In honor of my husband Dr. Robert C. Tarazi”
Mr. Dale and Mrs. Diane Goodrich
“In honor of James E. Lees and the Administrative Fellowship Program”
Dr. Norman and Mrs. Maryanne Hertzer
Dr. James Hodgman
Dr. Paul C. Janicki and Dr. Christine A. Quinn
Drs. Justin and Erin Juliano
Mrs. Kelsey and Dr. Jonathan Kaplan
“In honor of Dr. James Zinz”
Dr. William and Mrs. Eugenia Kiser
Dr. Monique P. Kunkel and J. Nile Brennecke
Dr. Pauline C. Kwok
Dr. and Mrs. Roger Langston
Drs. Chao-wen and D. Anthony Lee
and Nathaniel D. Lee and Kalysta A. Lee
Dr. Christopher Leville
Dr. Joseph P. LiPuma and Family
Dr. Andrew and Mrs. Vivien Liu
Dr. Martin and Mrs. Jill Meisenheimer
NeuroSpine Surgical, Dr. Mignucci 
Dr. Barbara Risius
Dr. Herb Rogove
Dr. Isobel Rutherford
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Schreffler
Dr. and Mrs. Yogesh Shah
Dr. Earl K. Shirey
“In memory of Mrs. Mary Jean Shirey”
“In honor of Dr. F. Mason Sones, Jr.”
Dr. Conrad C. Simpfendorfer and Mrs. Patricia V. Simpfendorfer
Dr. Riaz A. Tarar
Drs. Jack M. and Lilian T. Thome
Dr. Tom and Mrs. Mary Thompson
Dr. S. Raju and Mrs. Padmavati Vatsavai
“In honor of Dr. Franklin Michota”
Dr. Emily E. Volk and Dr. Daniel D. Mais
Drs. Cheryl & Mickey Weinstein
Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Gail Young 

Member ($5,000 – $9,999)

Drs. Tom and Abby Abelson
Dr. Adel Abdullah
Dr. George and Marie Allman
“In honor of Gunnar E. Lundgren”
Dr. Mohamed Atassi
Drs. Moises Auron and Marina Duran
"In honor of Eitan Auron"
Drs. Amiya and Sipra Banerjee
“In honor of Dr. Bernadine Healy”
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Bell
Dr. Eren Berber
Dr. Edwin and Mrs. Beverly Beven
Dr. Christine and Mr. Dean Booth
“In memory of Mark S. Booth and Donald F. Noga”
Dr. Azmy and Mrs. Ida Boutros
Dr. Jennifer Brainard
Dr. Johan J. Bredée
“In honor of the Cleveland Clinic and my CCF-teachers for their perpetual inspiration”
Dr. Daniel Burval and Dr. Roxanne Valentino
Dr. Liwanag Calibag
Dr. Richard P. Carroll
Dr. Theresa L. Chafel
Rob and Mia Coulton
"In honor of Dr. Susan Rehm"
Dr. Sebastian Cook
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph DeMatteis
Dr. Khosrow Dorosti and Mrs. Simin Dorosti
"In honor of Dr. William C. Sheldon"
Dr. Richard Dunn
Dr. Raed Dweik
Dr. Gary H. Dworkin
“In honor of the Dworkin Family”
Dr. Pedro F. Escobar
Drs. Toribio and Susan Flores
Dr. Gurdev S. and Mrs. Martha Garewal
Dr. Raghav Govindarajan
Dr. Carl W. Groppe, Jr.
“In honor of Dr. Toby Cosgrove”
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Karen Grove
Dr. Manjula and Dr. Satyendra Gupta
"In honor of our daughter Dr. Seema Gupta"
Dr. Alan Gurd & Dr. Ruth Imrie
Dr. Kuniaki Hayashi
Dr. Andrew and Mrs. Jane Healy
“In honor of Dr. Edward Benzel”
Dr. Kyle Horner
Dr. Edward P. Horvath
Dr. Sahibzadah M. Ihsanullah
Drs. Octavian and Adriana Ioachimescu
Lynn Luthern and Dr. Frederic Joyce
Dr. Andrew Kurman
Dr. Anna Koo
Dr. Leonard and Mrs. Susan Krajewski
Dr. Kenneth Krupp
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Brenda Kunkel
Dr. Julie A. Lahiri
Dr. Albert C. Lammert
“In memory of Patricia Karnosh Lammert”
Dr. Richard Lang and Mrs. Lisa Kraemer
Drs. Rande and Linda Lazar, and Lauren, Sophie and Charlie/JT
Dr. C. Douglas and Mrs. Anne Lees
Dr. Marc and Mrs. Cynthia Levin
Dr. James W. Lewis
Dr. Carl H. Linge
Dr. Gilbert and Mrs. Carol Lowenthal
Dr. Armand Lucas
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Jill Maatman
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Barbara MacGregor
“In memory of Dr. Ralph Straffon and Dr. Augie Zabbo”
Dr. Amy Maneker and Dr. Brian Herts
Dr. James Masten
Drs. George and Lourdes Mathew
Drs. Dan and Polly Mazanec
Mrs. Shuva and Dr. Atul C. Mehta
"In honor of the Respiratory Institute"
Dr. H. David Millit
Dr. Tony and Laura Milo
“In honor of Dr. Toby Cosgrove”
Dr. Asma M. Moheet and Family
Dr. Eric and Mrs. Letty Muñoz
“In honor of Jose Ozuna Muñoz”
Mrs. Paula Ockner
“In memory of my husband Dr. Stephen Ockner”
Dr. Jacob Palomaki & Mrs. Anne Palomaki
“In honor of Dr. Mina Chung”
Dr. B. Warren Pechan and Mrs. Paula Pechan
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Christina Petinga
Dr. Marc and Mrs. Carol Pohl
Dr. Darin and Mrs. Ruth Powell
Dr. Louis G. Prevosti
Dr. Michael Puff
Dr. Russell and Mrs. Karen Raymond
Dr. Dennis Rupp
"In honor of Dr. Earl Shirey"
Dr. Peter" and Mrs. Peggy Reilly
Dr. Richard and Dr. Ellen Rosenquist
Dr. Rochelle Rosian and Mr. Jon Straffon
Dr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Leah Rudell
Dr. Atul M. Shah
“In honor of Dr. Atul Mehta”
Dr. Demin Shen and Dr. Paul M. Shen
“In honor and memory of Dr. Effler, Dr. Groves, and Dr. Favaloro”
Drs. Susan Fox and Conrad H. Simpfendorfer
Dr. Divya Singh-Behl
“In honor of Surinder Bahl”
Ms. Sandra S. Stranscak
Dr. Guy Syvertsen and Mrs. Patricia Syvertsen
Dr. George Tesar
Dr. Sanjiv Tewari
Dr. Christopher Y. Thomas, Jr.
Dr. Lisa Tilluckdharry
Dr. Santos A. Uy, Jr. and Mrs. Edelisa P. Uy, RN
Dr. Jin and Mrs. Tammy Wang
Dr. Kenneth Webster and Ms. Lucinda Lavelli
Dr. Bruce and Mrs. Ellyn Wilkoff
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Donna Marie Wilson
Dr. Jess Young
Drs. Belinda Yen-Lieberman and James M. Lieberman