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The Voice Center at the Head & Neck Institute

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The Voice Center represents a dedicated center of excellence to uniquely serve the voice disordered population, with special focus on the professional voice user. It offers a team approach to evaluating and treating problems related to the human voice and the physical structures that produce it. These structures include the mouth, nose, throat, and voice box.

Ear, nose and throat specialists, speech pathologists and voice teachers provide primary services, in conjunction with several other medical disciplines to treat disorders such as voice box or larynx cancer. Related problems may require the assistance of experts from neurology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, allergy, pulmonary medicine and clinical psychology/psychiatry.

Symptoms of a voice problem include such things as hoarseness, whisper, roughness, discomfort to talk or sing, loss of singing control and effort/strain. They are potentially serious and their cause cannot be determined simply by the way they sound. These disorders could be something relatively mundane or could be as serious as voice box cancer. Therefore, a person experiencing difficulty should be evaluated promptly by voice disorder specialists.

The Voice Center staff perform a physical exam and specialized tests to determine the nature and extent of the problem. A special slow motion video picture of the voice box often provides the explanation of the problem.

Most voice problems are managed successfully without surgery, through behavioral change and medical care. If surgery is necessary, specialized techniques that reduce tissue harm and promote faster healing are available through our trained surgeons.

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