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Life after a heart attack or heart surgery can feel like you’ve been dropped into the wilderness without a compass or map.

You’re left wondering, “Where am I now? Where do I go next? How do I get there?” It’s not easy figuring out how to get back to normal after a life-changing event. And what was “normal” before might feel impossible now. Just walking down the hallway is exhausting. How will you ever get back to work, school or having fun with your friends and family?

Cleveland Clinic’s cardiac rehab team wants to help you take the first steps toward the life you knew before. And they want to help you continue working toward that goal. But we know that to achieve your heart health goals, you might need to try some new or daunting paths — like changing what you eat, exercising more or leaving tobacco in the rearview mirror. No matter what the road ahead looks like for you, we’re in this together. We’ll do everything we can to get you back to familiar territory feeling strong, healthy and confident.

Why Choose Cleveland Clinic for Cardiac Rehab?

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National recognition:

Cleveland Clinic is nationally ranked for its heart care and recognized as the world leader in cardiovascular care.

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Demonstrated expertise:

Our cardiac rehab program is certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. This certification shows our commitment to the highest standards of professional excellence.

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Comprehensive treatment:

Our cardiac rehab program brings together specialists from many different areas (including preventive cardiology, medical nutritional therapy and exercise physiology) all under one roof. We also work closely with your primary care provider or cardiologist to design a program that matches your needs. Meet our team.

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Patient-centered care:

When you come here for care, you can trust we put your needs and concerns first. We develop a customized plan to help you lower your risk for future cardiovascular disease. That includes tailoring exercise plans that account for your prior diagnoses, current fitness level and future exercise goals.

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Caring approach:

We understand that heart disease affects your whole self. We’re here to support your emotional and mental health needs during cardiac rehab. We’ll also help you educate your loved ones on why cardiac rehab is important for you and how they can support your goals.

Conditions We Treat With Cardiac Rehab

Cardiac rehab can help you manage ongoing conditions or recover from an acute event like a heart attack. It can also help you regain your strength after a surgery or procedure. No matter your history and needs, our cardiac rehab specialists will develop a treatment plan to improve your heart health and lower your risk of future problems.

Our programs can benefit you if you’ve had or are living with:

We can also support your recovery after:

What to expect at your first visit

This is our chance to get to know you and learn what brought you here. We’ll talk to you about your medical history and risk factors for cardiovascular disease. A healthcare provider might’ve already talked to you about cardiac rehab while you were in the hospital. You can tell us what you’ve learned so far, and we’ll tell you more about what you can expect.

To get more information about your current health and the types of exercises that are safe for you, we’ll give you a basic physical exam. This includes checking vital signs like your blood pressure. We may also run some tests, including:

All this information helps us create your individualized cardiac rehab treatment plan. Think of your plan like a step-by-step map that gets you through the wilderness. But in this case, it’s not a generic map you download online. It’s created specifically with your needs in mind.

This map knows, for instance, if you need to avoid sharp hills and gives you a slow, gradual climb instead. It sets a safe pace and encourages you to take things at a speed that works for you. It anticipates when you might feel tired and tells you when to rest. It tells you what to look out for so you can continue to make progress while staying safe.

Like a map, your treatment plan guides you every step of the way. It anticipates your needs. It sets safe and reasonable goals for things like exercise, dietary changes, weight management and quitting tobacco. And the best part is that the mapmakers (your healthcare providers) are with you on the journey.

Meet Our Cardiac Rehab Team

Healthcare providers from many different specialties work together to give you top-notch care. Providers on your team may include:


Our healthcare providers see patients at convenient locations throughout Northeast Ohio and Florida.

Cardiac Rehab Sessions at Cleveland Clinic

You might be wondering, “What will I do at cardiac rehab? Is it just like going to the gym?” Our cardiac rehab gym is a dedicated space for people managing ongoing heart conditions or recovering from an acute event like a heart attack.

Cardio exercise is an important part of cardiac rehab, but it’s definitely not the full story. Your cardiac rehab sessions will include a mix of safe, supervised movement along with opportunities for heart health education and emotional support.

Supervised exercise

Our specialists choose exercises for you based on your fitness level, risk factors and goals. They teach you how to exercise the right way, including how to safely increase the length or intensity of your workouts.

You might participate in cardio exercises, like walking or riding a stationary bike. You may use weights or resistance bands to strengthen your muscles. While you exercise, cardiac rehab staff will check your heart rate and blood pressure. They’ll make sure you’re exercising safely and adjust your plan as needed.


You’ve been told you need to follow a heart-healthy lifestyle. But what exactly does that mean? That’s where cardiac rehab plays a huge role. We’ll talk about specific behaviors that go into a heart-healthy lifestyle, and what role you can play in achieving your heart health goals. We’ll look at your typical daily routine and find areas we can work on improving. For example, we’ll develop strategies for:

  • Eating in ways that support your heart and blood vessels.
  • Building exercise into your daily routine.
  • Achieving physical activity throughout your day.
  • Limiting alcohol.
  • Quitting tobacco products.
  • Getting better quality sleep.
  • Managing risk factors for heart disease.
  • Taking your medications.
  • Managing a weight that’s healthy for you.

Emotional support

Heart disease isn’t just something that affects your body. It can also take a toll on your emotions and your mental health.

Maybe you feel on edge and think something bad could happen at any moment. You might worry about your family’s well-being if you can’t take care of them for a while. Maybe you just feel down and can’t quite say why. Whatever is on your mind, our mental health professionals will give you the support you need to start feeling better. We’ll also help you find ways to manage stress so you can feel more confident handling your daily tasks.

Taking the Next Step

You’re not alone in the wilderness. Cardiac rehab gives you a compass, a personalized map and so much more. Let us be with you for the journey. We’ll guide you when you feel lost and give you the tools you need to be your strongest, healthiest self for years to come.

Getting an appointment with Cleveland Clinic’s cardiac rehab specialists is easy. We’ll help you get the care you need.


Getting an appointment with Cleveland Clinic’s cardiac rehab specialists is easy. We’ll help you get the care you need.

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