Video Visits

What equipment do I need for a video visit?

Video visits require access to a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a camera, microphone, and speakers. Additionally, the Zoom application must be installed on the device you will use for the visit.

How do I prepare for my video visit?

We recommend you complete these steps at least one day prior to your appointment:

  1. If you haven’t already, activate your MyChart account.
  2. If using a smartphone for your visit, download the MyChart mobile app.
  3. Complete PreCheck-In for your appointment in MyChart. This can be done up to 7 days prior to your visit.
  4. If not already installed, download Zoom to a computer or mobile device with a camera, microphone, and speakers:
  5. Ensure internet browser pop-up blockers are disabled.
  6. Check the camera, microphone, and speakers on your device to make sure they are working.

Download our step-by-step guides for detailed instructions:

Watch our “how-to” videos for a demonstration:

Is my video visit covered by insurance?

Video visits are not covered by all insurance plans. In order to fully understand your benefits and potential cost, contact your insurance company and ask if video visits are included in your plan and if not, what it may cost you.

Mobile App

Can I receive notifications through the mobile app?

Yes, mobile app users may opt to receive push notifications on their mobile device when there is new information to view. These notifications will not contain any personal health information.

Can I use my fingerprint or passcode to log in to the mobile app?

Yes, Apple® device users can opt to use a four-digit passcode or fingerprint Touch ID instead of their ID and password to log in to the app, on their Apple devices with iOS version 7 or higher. A passcode is required to log in on the Apple Watch®.

Communicating with Your Care Team

Can I message my Cleveland Clinic provider?

You can send a secure message to your established provider regarding a non-urgent medical concern with Message My Doctor’s Office. A member of your healthcare team will respond within three business days. An established provider is a provider that you have seen within the last three years.

Message My Doctor’s Office cannot be used to receive a diagnosis. Please schedule an appointment to address a new health issue or complete an eVisit.

If you are experiencing an urgent medical problem, call 911 or your physician's office immediately.

Can I get a diagnosis for a new health issue?

Yes, for common, minor ailments. eVisits are a convenient, secure way to access Cleveland Clinic Express Care providers for the following issues:

Adults (18 years old and over):

  • Back pain.
  • Urinary tract infection (women only).
  • Sinus infection.
  • Vaginal yeast infection.

Pediatrics (2 - 18 years old):

  • Upper respiratory infection.
  • Conjunctivitis (pink eye).
  • Lice.

Simply select Message My Doctor/eVisit in the Messaging menu to begin. You will be asked to complete a quick series of questions related to your symptom history. A Cleveland Clinic Express Care provider will respond via secure message with a diagnosis and treatment instructions within one business day. If medication is prescribed, the prescription order will be sent directly to your preferred pharmacy.

Patients must be located in Ohio and must have seen a Cleveland Clinic provider in the last three years. The cost to you for an eVisit will depend upon your insurance, and could range from $0 - $35.

Will my provider contact me through MyChart?

Your provider may add a comment within your test results or send a secure message to help you understand what the results mean. They may also recommend that you make a follow-up appointment, provide you with additional instructions, or ask you to call the office to discuss your test results.

Your Medical Record

My Preventive Care recommendations don't seem right to me, what should I do?

Preventive Care procedures are suggested based on your age and gender, and in some cases, your individual health conditions. You are encouraged to discuss this information with your provider during your visit, and they can update any recommendations that may not apply to your specific situation.

If you see that you are overdue for a regularly scheduled Preventive Care item, you can request an appointment through the Request An Appointment feature.

How do I view my progress notes?

Progress notes for your outpatient appointments and your hospital discharge summaries are available in your After Visit Summary, which can be viewed by clicking on a past visit in the Appointments menu. You may also access your notes by clicking Visit Summary/Visit Notes in the Health menu.

It is important to understand that this section of your medical record is written in a way for your doctor and other health professionals on your care team to quickly understand your current medical condition. Because of this, the language may be abbreviated. Contact your provider if you have a question about information that is included in your After Visit Summary. 

How do I view my orders?

Click Upcoming Orders in the Appointments Menu. Standing and Future orders will display. Other tests ordered by your physician may appear in your After Visit Summary located in the Past Appointments menu.

A Standing Order is a series of two or more of the same test, to be completed at a specified frequency (for example, once a month).

A Future Order is a test to be completed within a time frame specified by your provider.

If a date displays in the expected date column, your provider would like for you to complete testing on the date indicated or a couple of days after this date.

If no date displays in the expected date column and the testing was not completed at the time of your office visit, contact your provider to determine when the testing should be completed.

Be sure to follow any instructions your provider gives you regarding your orders. If you have any questions regarding the best date to complete your tests, contact your provider’s office.

How do I download or send my Visit Summary?

You may download or send your Visit Summary from a past appointment, emergency department visit, or hospital stay. In the Health menu, click My Document Center, and select Visit Records. In this section, you may download one or multiple visit summaries at one time, and you may send these summaries to a provider outside of Cleveland Clinic.

How do I get the complete set of my medical records?

My Document Center allows you to request the release of up to 50 pages of your medical record to your account. You may obtain your complete medical record by contacting

Although Cleveland Clinic makes every effort to provide your medical records as quickly as possible, the HIPAA Privacy Rule gives Cleveland Clinic up to 30 days to respond to your request for medical records. If we are not able to respond within 30 days of receipt of your request, we will notify you in writing of the delay.

Records released to your account will be available for 30 days to download, view, print, or save to another location.

At this time, the option to send your child’s medical records to your account is not available. Please contact HIM for these requests at 216.444.5580.

Test Results

When are my results released?

Several tests are released to your account as soon as the results are available. Other, more sensitive test results, (such as biopsies and imaging) are released after a short delay.

Cleveland Clinic is committed to providing timely access to your health information. This means that you may receive some test results before your provider has reviewed them.

Your test results could include sensitive information. Examples include results related to a cancer diagnosis, genetic testing or the sex of your baby in a fetal ultrasound. If you are not comfortable seeing this information before you have discussed your results with your provider, please wait to view them.

Can I see my radiology images?

The text portion of your radiology imaging report can be viewed in Test Results. The actual radiology images are not available at this time. Contact the to request copies of your images (for example, X-Rays or CT Scans).


Why don't all my medications appear in my list?

Your medication list will only show current prescriptions, discontinued medications are not included. Prescriptions from healthcare providers outside of Cleveland Clinic will not appear unless they are documented by your Cleveland Clinic provider.

What information should I provide for a prescription renewal?

You may submit a renewal request when you are out of refills for a medication that has been prescribed by a Cleveland Clinic provider. You should provide the following information for a prescription renewal:

  • Your preferred pharmacy.
  • The number of pills (30 or 90 day supply).
  • The number of refills for the prescription.
  • The method by which the renewal should be processed (i.e., should it be sent to the pharmacy or mailed to your home).
  • Any new allergies that you have experienced.

Every attempt is made to process prescription renewals within 48 hours during normal business hours. If you submit your request on a weekend or holiday, it will be received the next business day.

Information From Other Organizations

What types of information can I see from organizations outside of Cleveland Clinic?

Many healthcare organizations participate in an information-sharing initiative that will allow you to view your information from other healthcare providers within your Cleveland Clinic MyChart account.

  • You will be able to view your medications, allergies, and health issues from other participating organizations.
  • You will also be able to see a list of your current physicians and providers in your Care Team.
  • If you have signed up for MyChart at other participating organizations, you will be able to see test results, view and send messages, and view appointments.

Why don’t I see information from all of my healthcare organizations?

There are a few reasons why you may not see health information you expected to appear:

  • Not all healthcare organizations are currently participating in this information-sharing initiative.
  • You are not signed up for MyChart at another organization.
    • Having an active MyChart account with a participating organization will enable you to view additional types of information in your Cleveland Clinic MyChart account.
  • You did not give consent to link your accounts when prompted.
    • Access the Manage My Accounts section in the Profile menu, and a list of available organizations for which you have health information will display. Click “Link” to add the organization to your Cleveland Clinic MyChart account.

Can I unlink my MyChart accounts?

Yes. The Manage My Accounts section in the Profile menu allows you to link and unlink your MyChart accounts from other organizations.

Updating Your Health Information

How do I submit updates to my health information?

To submit a request to add a new item:

  1. Click the while in the Current Health Issues, Allergies, or Medications section.
  2. In the search box, type in the first few words of your health issue, allergy, or medication, and click search.
  3. Select the option from the search results that is the best fit for your individual situation.
  4. For allergies, select all reactions that occur when you come into contact with the substance you are allergic to.
  5. In the comment section, add details that will help your provider understand your request.
    For example, to add lower back pain as a problem: “It started in 2012 after injury, tried physical therapy without success. Surgery on lower back in 2017 did not completely resolve the pain, currently treating with Tylenol which only moderately helps to decrease the pain.”
  6. Click Accept.

To request to delete an item:

  1. Click the minus icon next to the item you would like your provider to remove.
  2. In the text box, please enter additional information for your provider to better understand why this health issue should be removed from your list.
    For example, to remove Plantar Fasciitis from your problem list: “I was treated in 2015 with physical therapy and shoe inserts. I no longer have pain or inflammation upon walking or exercising.”

If you feel that an item was added to your record in error, please contact the Cleveland Clinic Privacy Office at 216.444.1709 or toll-free at 800.223.2273, extension 41709.

What types of health issues should be included on my list?

The Current Health Issues section displays what is called the “Problem List” in your Cleveland Clinic electronic medical record. Your Problem List contains the ongoing health issues that currently affect your well-being, and does not include temporary health concerns such as a urinary tract infection or the flu.

How is an allergy defined for addition to my list?

Allergies are your body's reaction to a substance it views as a harmful “invader.” For example, coming into contact with what is normally a harmless substance, such as pollen, might cause the immune system (the body's defense system) to react. Substances that cause these reactions are called allergens.

For more information:

Managing Appointments

Why are only a limited number of providers available when I use the Schedule My Appointment or Request an Appointment features?

Schedule My Appointment enables you to view your established provider’s open schedule and instantly book an appointment online. This feature is available for select specialty departments, and internal medicine, family medicine, and pediatrics.

Request an Appointment is available for all departments with your established providers, and enables you to select your preferred dates and times, or request the first available appointment. An appointment scheduler will book the appointment for you and send a secure message with the appointment details.

An established provider is a provider you have seen in the last three years.

Adding Your Loved Ones

How may I view a family member or loved one’s information?

MyChart users can add their loved ones to their personal MyChart account, which allows:

  • Parents or court-appointed guardians of minor children (age 17 years and younger) to manage their healthcare online.
  • Court-appointed guardians of dependent adults to manage their healthcare online.
  • Family members or caregivers of adults who provide legal authorization to manage their healthcare online.

You do not have to be a current Cleveland Clinic patient in order to access your loved ones' information. When pediatric patients turn 18 years old, MyChart access is automatically removed from the parent's account.

Access Your Child’s MyChart

  • Option 1: To request access online, log in to your account and select Request Family Access in the Messaging menu.
  • Option 2: Ask for access to your child’s account when scheduling your next appointment or ask for assistance at your pediatrician’s office.  
  • Option 3: Complete and submit these forms and the appropriate documentation (submission instructions are included):

Access an Adult’s MyChart

Can I give a family member or loved one access to my information?

If you’d like, you may authorize a loved one to access your MyChart account. Visit the Share My Record page from the Health menu to grant access and send an invitation.

My Personal Information

How do I find my medical record number (MRN)?

You can find your medical record number (MRN) on your After Visit Summary, which is the print-out that is handed to you at the end of your visit.

MyChart en Español

¿Puedo acceder a MyChart en español?

MyChart de Cleveland Clinic ahora está disponible en español. MyChart es una herramienta segura de gestión de la salud en línea que le permite acceder de forma segura a la información médica personalizada en cualquier momento, ya sea de día o de noche.

  • Envíe un mensaje al consultorio de su médico
  • Reciba los resultados de las pruebas
  • Renueve las recetas
  • Tenga una visita virtual con su proveedor
  • Solicite y programe citas
  • Reprograme la cita si se dispone de una fecha anterior
  • Realice las tareas previas a la cita antes de su llegada
  • Consulte las notas de avance de pacientes ambulatorios
  • Pague sus facturas
  • Gestione la atención médica de sus seres queridos.

¿Cómo accedo a MyChart en español?

En el sitio web de MyChart, haga clic en el enlace “Ver en español” en la esquina superior derecha. La aplicación móvil de MyChart se mostrará automáticamente en español si su dispositivo móvil está configurado en español.

¿Cómo puedo inscribirme en MyChart?

Hay dos formas convenientes de establecer su cuenta personal de MyChart:

Haga clic en el botón “Inscripción en MyChart” que aparece arriba y complete el formulario en línea introduciendo la información solicitada. (Tenga en cuenta que la información que proporcione es confidencial y se procesará a través de nuestro sitio web seguro). Se verificará su información; luego, se le enviará un código de activación de MyChart especial de un solo uso por correo electrónico. Una vez que reciba su código de activación de un solo uso, utilícelo para activar su cuenta de MyChart.

En su próxima visita, siempre y cuando tengamos su dirección de correo electrónico en el archivo, recibirá un enlace de activación personalizado para activar de forma rápida y segura su cuenta. El correo electrónico llegará cuando programe una cita, se registre para su visita o cuando reciba el alta hospitalaria o del departamento de emergencias.

¿Se traducirá toda mi información médica?

Su información médica y las instrucciones de los miembros de su equipo de atención (por ejemplo: informes de imágenes, notas de avance del médico e instrucciones de medicamentos) no se traducirán al español. Se traducirán los encabezados, títulos e instrucciones de navegación.

¿Puedo activar MyChart para un ser querido?

Los usuarios de MyChart pueden añadir a sus seres queridos a su cuenta personal de MyChart, y usted no tiene que ser un paciente actual de Cleveland Clinic para acceder a su información. A continuación, encontrará instrucciones para solicitar el acceso a la administración de la atención médica de sus seres queridos a través de MyChart.
Complete y envíe estos formularios:

Para enviar una solicitud electrónica para agregar a su hijo a su cuenta MyChart, seleccione “Solicitar acceso de la familia” en el menú de Mensajes. También puede pedir el acceso a la cuenta de su hijo en la recepción en su próxima cita.

Para autorizar a otro adulto a acceder a su cuenta MyChart, seleccione la opción “Compartir mi registro” en el menú de Salud.

¿Puedo enviarle mensajes a mi médico en español?

En este momento, todos los mensajes enviados al consultorio de su médico deben estar en inglés. Si necesita hablar con el consultorio de su médico, solicite un intérprete llamando al Operador de servicios a pacientes internacionales (Global Patient Services Dispatch) al 216.445.7044.

¿Puedo realizar una visita virtual en español?

Para las visitas en vídeo de MyChart, puede solicitar a un intérprete al momento de programar su cita. Este servicio se ofrece sin costo alguno para todos los pacientes de Cleveland Clinic. Para obtener más información, llame al Operador de servicios a pacientes internacionales al 216.445.7044.

En este momento, las visitas electrónicas de MyChart no se ofrecen en español.