Research Focus Overview

Research Focus Overview

The Cleveland Clinic Mellen Center has a strong track record of developing and implementing technology for routine clinical care and research. The Mellen Center, in collaboration with Dr. Jay Albert’s lab, developed the Multiple Sclerosis Performance Test (MSPT). The MSPT is a tablet-based battery of patient-reported outcomes and performance tests, including walking speed, manual dexterity, processing speed, and contrast sensitivity. The MSPT interfaces with a secure, cloud-based system to allow for integration into the electronic medical record (EMR). The MSPT is administered at all routine MS follow-up clinical encounters allowing for real-time utilization. The integration of this technology facilitates more consistent data capture of neuroperformance tests and patient-reported outcomes, which has allowed for the development of a well-characterized clinical cohort for observational research. Additionally, the use of technology enabled data capture has led to efforts to develop novel biomechanical outcomes to better characterize neurological function.

Teleneurology has been utilized at the Cleveland Clinic since 2015. As an early adopter of teleneurology for MS care, the Mellen Center has been involved in research efforts to better characterize teleneurology in regards to utilization, patient experience, and adoption, as well as disparities in access to teleneurology services. Currently, the Mellen Center is leading a multicenter Phase 1/2 trial of telehealth for comprehensive MS care funded by National Institutes of Health (NIH). This is the first randomized controlled trial to evaluate the effect of teleneurology on MS outcomes, cost, and satisfaction.


Marisa McGinley, DO


1R01NR020323-01A1, Clinical and Economic Impact of Teleneurology vs Standard in Clinic Care for Multiple Sclerosis: A Randomized Trial, McGinley (PI) 9/2022-6/2027
Contracts for industry-sponsored studies from Biogen and Genentech.



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Members & Collaborations


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  • Riley Bove, MD MSc (University of California San Francisco)
  • Josh Carlson, PhD (University of Washington)
  • Lilyana Amezcua, MD (University of Southern California)