Research Focus Overview

Research Focus Overview

Cleveland Clinic’s Pediatric MS study group is led by Co-PIs Aaron Abrams, MD and Mary Rensel, MD. They are on the Steering Committee of the US Network of Pediatric MS Centers, 12 centers sponsored by the National MS Society (NMSS) involved in specialized clinical care and research for pediatric MS. There is a national database of pediatric-onset demyelinating disorders enrolling participants since 2009. Additional projects include a puberty and obesity study, a nutritional study, and an environmental and genetic study. A 7T MRI project is recruiting patients to assess brain volume in Pediatric MS with the PI Kedar Mahajan, MD and Neuroradiology at Cleveland Clinic. We are also starting our first treatment protocol for Pediatric MS.

Pediatric MS research has been presented by our group and collaborators as posters at the 2019 AAN, 2019 ECTRIMS, and 2019 Child Neurology Society meetings. It is will also be featured as an oral platform presentation at the upcoming ECTRIMS 2022 conference.


Aaron Abrams, MD


University of Utah / NMSS, Pediatric MS Network, Rensel and Abrams (Co-PI), 2022 – 2025.
University of Utah / NMSS, Pediatric MS database, Rensel and Abrams (Co-PI), 2022 – 2025.



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