Research Focus Overview

Research Focus Overview

The Autoimmune Neurology Research Team

The Autoimmune Neurology Research Team aims to evaluate neurological disorders with antibody biomarkers including autoimmune encephalitis, paraneoplastic encephalitis, MOG-IgG associated disorder, and neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder. We are also interested in neurological autoimmunity and inflammation augmented by biological therapies. There is limited longitudinal data to provide evidence based care for this population. Our main aim is to perform translational multimodal research leading to improved quality of care of patients with autoimmune neurological conditions. To address this, we are utilizing our longitudinal autoimmune neurology clinical registry and biorepository with advanced neuroimaging and neuropsychology to examine prognostication of clinical outcomes in this population.

Contact Information:

Amy Kunchok, MD

Funding Sources:

Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute
Research Program Committee (RPC)
Biomarkers of disease activity and clinical outcomes in autoimmune encephalitis.



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Members & Collaborations

Members & Collaborations


Cleveland Clinic Affiliations

  • Rachel Galioto, PhD (Neuropsychology, Cleveland Clinic)
  • Justin Abbatemarco, MD (MS and Autoimmune Neurology, Cleveland Clinic)
  • Kunio Nakamura, PhD (Biomedical engineering, Cleveland Clinic)
  • Stephen Jones, MD, PhD (Diagnostic Radiology, Cleveland Clinic)
  • Alex Milinovich (Data analytics, Cleveland Clinic)