Cleveland Clinic Children's new Outpatient Center
Cleveland Clinic Children's Outpatient Center

When it comes to delivering world class care for children, we believe it’s the little things that make the difference. Our new state-of-the-art facility brings expanded care under one roof and enhances the patient and family experience. Most outpatient services are provided in the new Center to offer a full complement of outpatient and inpatient pediatric care services available on the Cleveland Clinic main campus.

Cleveland Clinic Children’s is committed to providing exceptional patient care. Putting primary and specialty care services under one roof improves multidisciplinary collaboration, patient care and outcomes. This means that our pediatric patients will have all of their healthcare needs met by a coordinated, efficient and comprehensive model.

New Home Features

Features of the newly renovated outpatient center include:

  • Outpatient facility dedicated to children
  • Expanded front entrance on Euclid Avenue with valet services
  • Sibling drop off
  • Centralized check-in on the first floor
  • Positive distractions in the waiting area
  • Separate "quiet" waiting area
  • Education center for families
  • Family restrooms
  • ouR Café will feature food offerings for all ages, which will accommodate special dietary needs and medical conditions
  • Retail pharmacy
  • Short term parking for pharmacy pick up
  • Pediatric lab services
  • Pediatric radiology services including x-ray and ultrasound testing
  • Four procedure suites for outpatient procedures staffed by board-certified pediatric anesthesiologists
  • 20 private infusion rooms
  • Four ECHO rooms
  • Three pulmonary function rooms
  • Stress testing
  • 65 exam rooms
  • Blood draw lab with five private rooms
  • Two lactation rooms
  • New technologies focused on enhancing the care and experience for patients, families and caregivers
About the Facility

About the Facility

Cleveland Clinic Children's Outpatient Center Welcome Desk

Fun Facts About the New Outpatient Center

  • There is 64,000 square feet of new drywall which will cover more than a football field
  • Each canopy column weighs over 8,500 lbs. which is equivalent to 2.4 times the weight of an average Toyota Camry
  • There are 1,800 cubic yards of concrete planned for the front drop-off
    • The weight of this concrete is equivalent to almost 300 typical school buses
  • The stone ballast used for the roofing system weighs 340 tons
  • Each concrete footing will weigh over 60,000 lbs. which is equivalent to 18 Toyota Camry automobiles
  • The project is changing 2,730 light fixtures in the building to LED, this is estimated to save Cleveland Clinic $25,000.00 per year in electric consumption
  • 251 construction drawing sheets were created to detail the renovation
  • 125 doors are being replaced or added new
  • 280,000 feet or 53 miles of wire
  • 80,000 feet or 15.15 miles of conduit
  • 18,850 electrical couplings, connectors, fittings
  • 1400 new wiring devices (switches, receptacles, etc.)
  • 600 new lights

Sydell Miller and Family Sibling Court

  • The Sydell Miller and Family Sibling Court is a free service managed by Ronald McDonald House STAR Center, which provides a fun, welcoming, educational environment for children while their sibling or caregiver receives medical/wellness care.
  • The court is located on the second floor of the R Building.
  • The Center is staffed by paid Ronald McDonald House staff (Coordinator, Lead Teacher and/or paid student intern), non-paid interns and volunteers.
  • Staff and volunteers work with children on age-appropriate lessons involving healthy habits, positive peer socialization, and school readiness skills.
  • Children ages 3 – 8 may utilize the center between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • Children must be potty trained and symptom-free of any communicable illness (cold, runny nose, fever, etc.).
  • Caregiver must visit www.rmhcleveland.org to make a (time slot) reservation prior to arrival. If a prior reservation is not made and a time slot becomes available the day of a patients appointment, a reservation may be completed upon arrival.
  • Caregiver and child/children are expected to arrive 10 min. prior to their scheduled time slot. If a child has not arrived by 10 mins. after their scheduled time slot, their slot may be assigned to another child.
  • Children may utilize the sibling court for a maximum of 3 hours. A child may return after 2 hours, if a time slot is available and when an additional STAR Center reservation is scheduled.
  • Caregiver must be accessible at all times. In case of emergency or unforeseen circumstances, the caregiver’s cell phone number must be provided and accessible for a quick response.
  • Caregiver must show picture ID at time of check-in and must sign child/children in and complete necessary check-in and check-out procedures.
  • Caregiver must remain inside the medical building while his/her child/children are in the sibling court.
  • Misbehavior by a caregiver and/or children that interrupts services will not be permitted. Staff has the right to discontinue or refuse services and ask the individual(s) to leave the sibling court.
  • Outside food, toys, and other personal items should remain with the caregiver.
  • Children must be picked up promptly after the patient’s appointment.

Quotes from Cleveland Clinic Children's Leadership

“When our new building opens on Sept. 24, it will be the first time in Cleveland Clinic Children’s history that the majority of pediatric subspecialists work together under one roof on main campus. Having our youngest patients see their providers in one location will provide a better patient and family experience as they may utilize our valet parking, pharmacy, café, sibling drop off and health education center. Being in one place will help our caregivers support each other as a stronger one Cleveland Clinic Children’s team.”

- Wadie Shabab, MD, R Building Medical Director, Primary Care Pediatrics, Cleveland Clinic Children’s Outpatient Operations Vice Chair

“The expansion of our procedure suites in our new building, utilizing leading-edge equipment will provide caregivers with more room to work and care for our youngest patients, including in the pre- and postoperative areas. Two rooms will be staffed with anesthesiologists for procedures requiring sedation, with a third room for nonsedated procedures ― and additional growth expected in the future. This new space will also help our caregivers continue to provide the highest quality care, while collaborating seamlessly with colleagues in related disciplines.”

- Marsha Kay, MD, R Building Procedures Medical Director, Pediatric Gastroenterology Department Chair, Pediatric Endoscopy Director

“Our goal is to provide children needing infusions with the most comfortable and the safest experience possible. With this move, we are expanding to 20 private infusion suites, two of which can be joined to form larger rooms for siblings receiving simultaneous treatment. Each suite will be furnished with the latest equipment, windows for natural lighting, semi-private bathrooms and more. We will also have a leading-edge infusion pharmacy complete with a pediatric robot. Our child life specialists and art and music therapists will continue to work alongside the medical team to help our patients and their families understand and manage their healthcare experiences.”

- Rabi Hanna, MD, R Building Pediatric Infusion Medical Director, Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Blood & Marrow Transplantation Department Chair

Quotes from Cleveland Clinic Children's Caregivers

We asked some of our Cleveland Clinic caregivers, “What are you most excited about with our move to the new outpatient center?”

“First, the most exciting thing is to finally be able to give the patients and families what they want, a building to house Cleveland Clinic Children’s outpatient services. Second, I am looking forward to the added communication, teamwork, and camaraderie that we will establish and build upon once under the same roof. This is going to help us make sure that we continue to provide the best care possible and put the patient first! Lastly, the overall look and feel of the building is going to add to patient experience and employee satisfaction.”

- Tanya Lucik, RN, Care Coordinator, Pediatric Pulmonology and Cystic Fibrosis

“Having all our specialties under one roof will make it so much easier for our families as they won’t have to walk blocks between appointments, lab work, radiology, etc. It is also great for caregivers to work alongside one another – it should make processes and procedures more efficient.”

- Shannon Sonnhalter, Senior Manager, Child life

“Cleveland Clinic is always reinventing itself. It’s not about building more facilities but reinventing what we have to stay progressive. It’s at the core of the beliefs that guide our departments. Learn from the past to move ahead into the future. I look forward to seeing my patients in a calmer location away from the ICU. This will allow for a peaceful setting for the kids. I love that we have a building of our own and we are more visible in Cleveland. When I started 7 years ago, I would introduce myself at national conferences as an employee of Cleveland Clinic Children’s…the immediate response was “There’s a Children’s Hospital?” …now they don’t flinch. We have made new waves in Pediatric Cardiology.”

- Neha Soni-Patel, Education Coordinator - Pediatric Echocardiography, Pediatric Cardiology

“Having ample office space and resources (food models, etc.) to better educate my patients!”

- Jennifer Hyland, RD, CSP, LD, Registered dietitian, Pediatric Nutrition

Quotes from Parents of Patients at Cleveland Clinic Children's

“I am excited to see the new building being a child-friendly, inclusive space for continuity of care.”

- Joellen Podoll

“I am looking forward to a more child-friendly décor/space with many specialties in one area.”

- Molly Kraynik

“The comfort and community that will be enabled by housing all families under the same roof will create such synergy and cohesion for patients, families, & caregivers, and will truly give children that world class experience.”

- Traci Tigue



To ensure that infants, children and adolescents receive the best outpatient care, Cleveland Clinic Children’s provides patients and families a network of pediatric services across the Cleveland Clinic Health System.

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