We offer expertise in all areas of Pediatric Endocrinology at Cleveland Clinic Children’s from juvenile diabetes, growth and puberty disorders to sex differentiation. We place special emphasis on understanding how the patient and the family are affected by endocrine disorders.

Our endocrinologists have a wide range of clinical experience and expertise in providing comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and management of complex hormonal problems.

Consultation and evaluation are available on an in- or outpatient basis in the Cleveland area.

We see child and adolescent patients at Cleveland Clinic Children's Outpatient Center, located at Cleveland Clinic's main campus, and at specialty clinics in community hospitals and family health centers in the Northeast Ohio area.

Multidisciplinary approach to care

Along with our pediatric endocrinology department physicians, our multidisciplinary team consists of:

  • Nurses
  • Certified diabetes educators
  • Registered dieticians
  • Social workers
  • Nurse practitioners

We work closely with specialists in behavioral medicine and child life to assist our young patients in adjusting to their disease. In addition, we focus on helping adolescents adjust from pediatric to adult disease management.

Research-based treatments

  • Our endocrine staff has played leadership roles in clinical research and drug trials.
  • Current clinical research programs focus on growth disorders and diabetes.

Specialized treatment for juvenile diabetes

  • Our pediatric team provides specialized services for diagnosis, care, education and research related to type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus.
  • Psychological support and counseling is an important part of the diabetes program.
  • The staff provides continuing care for juvenile diabetes in children and adolescents, with the goal of minimizing hospitalization and preventing diabetic complications.
What We Treat

What We Treat

We treat a wide range of pediatric endocrine disorders including:

We specialize in genetic disorders that are associated with endocrine and hormonal problems, such as:



A1C Clinic

A1C Clinic is a clinic to help children and adolescents with diabetes improve their health and well being by achieving better diabetes control. The team includes physicians and nurse practitioners, psychologists, dieticians, and social workers. The clinic is for any aged child or adolescent with any type of diabetes. The goal of the program is to partner with the child and caregivers to help achieve more stable blood sugars, increase independence, overcome challenges, and learn new skills.

BeWell Kids Clinic

The BeWell Kids Clinic brings together a comprehensive team of physicians, researchers and healthcare professionals with expert knowledge in childhood obesity.  The BeWell Kids Clinic works with children (ages 2 to 18*) and their families to develop strategies and create plans for a healthy lifestyle change.

*Ages may very by location

Gender Understanding, Identity and Expression (GUIDE) Pediatric Program

The Gender Understanding, IDentity and Expression (GUIDE) provides an evaluation and wide range of support and intervention for youth (childhood through adolescent years) who are gender questioning, gender non-confirming, gender fluid, or transgender, or who are struggling with any other issues around gender. Sometimes they are trying to figure out gender identity, or how they want to express gender; sometimes they may just feel like their gender assigned at birth doesn’t fit quite right. Our team works toward the goal of finding a path that is right for your individual child and family.

Pediatric Lipid Clinic

This is a specialty clinic for children with lipid and cholesterol disorders, especially those with severe genetic lipid disorders. This clinic is held in the preventive cardiology department. The team includes physicians and dieticians. Medications and diet interventions are used to treat lipid conditions. The clinic is open to any child with a lipid disorder.

To make an appointment call: 216.444.9353

Transition Clinic

The section for Child and Adolescent Pediatric Endocrinology conducts a transition clinic for adolescents as they make the transition to independent adult care.  This program is open for teens with diabetes or any other endocrine condition needing coordinated and gradual transition to adult endocrinology care. 

Call the section for pediatric endocrinology for more information: 216.444.5437 or 800.223.2273, ext. 55437.

eXtraordinarY Kids Care

eXtraordinarY Kids is a program that coordinates multiple experts in different specialties to provide multidisciplinary care for children and adolescents with X and Y chromosome variations, the most common of which is Klinefelter Syndrome. This clinic is recognized by AXYS (Association of X and Y chromosome variations) to help ensure that all families impacted by X and Y chromosome variations have access to the best available evaluation and treatments.







Cleveland Clinic physicians proudly offer their services to Camp Ho Mita Koda, a residential camp for children with diabetes. Since 1929, Camp Ho Mita Koda has taught children about their condition. They design programs that encourage fun and friendships. One of the nation's longest-running camps for children with diabetes, Camp Ho Mita Koda offers a wide-range of year-round programs.

Camp Ho Mita Koda is a program of the Diabetes Partnership of Cleveland  and accredited by the American Camp Association.