Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Video: Fairview Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Helping Families Everyday

Expectant mothers should talk to their doctor about where to deliver their baby and what type of care can be provided if complications occur.

Our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is available with a medical staff trained and ready for the unexpected.

Fairview’s Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The Level III designation by the Ohio Department of Health certifies that our NICU offers the highest degree of quality care for at-risk newborns.

Our modern and comfortable 26-bed NICU features advanced equipment for monitoring sick and/or premature newborns, providing the full range of neonatal treatment. Skilled neonatologists direct the Fairview NICU, with the assistance of a staff of experienced pediatric professionals.

Our nursing team provides expert and compassionate care from delivery through discharge, providing parents with in-depth education on infant care, feeding, health concerns and home care needs. Nurses follow up after discharge on the phone or in person to make sure that everything is going well. In addition, we make available social workers that are well versed in meeting the special needs of families with an infant in the unit.

Level III nurseries

Level III nurseries provide the widest variety of advanced care available for all newborns. Regulated at the State level, only Level III has the life-saving treatments and technologies to care for the full gamut of patients -- from normal to extremely ill.

Womb-like environment

Fairview Hospital's NICU staff have completed advanced developmental training called "Wee Care." As a result, a womb-like environment has been simulated in the Fairview nursery. With a keen awareness of preemies' hypersensitivity to the environment, dim-lighting, reduced noise levels, special bedding and skin-to-skin contact between parent and child helps babies spend more time growing and developing. Overall, the program leads to healthier babies that go home earlier.

Sick infants need to bond with their parents while are being treated. That's why we offer "Kangaroo Care," skin-to-skin contact between child and parent which allows parents to interact closely with their babies. Experts believe that this physical contact helps the healing process.

We also carefully screen all of our newborn patients. If we find an infant is at risk for developmental delays, the Fairview NICU can provide both physical and occupational therapy to help overcome these potential problems. This developmental care can continue once the baby is taken home if necessary.

Family approach

We provide a four-bed Developmental Nursery for babies who are approaching their discharge date. This nursery is a quiet, carpeted environment providing a relaxing haven for babies and their parents. Prior to a newborn's discharge, parents may stay with us in our Family Room or Nik Nook. The home-like atmosphere of this room — low lighting, a sofa bed, infant bathing sink, TV/VCR and a shower — helps you to care for your baby and prepare for the trip home. Here, siblings can also visit and spend time with their family's new addition.

Neonatal Transport Team

One indication of the excellence of the NICU at Fairview Hospital is our Neonatal Transport Team, comprised of nurses, neonatologists and respiratory therapists. If a baby is experiencing difficulties at an area hospital that is not well equipped to handle acute care, our Transport Team can bring the infant quickly and safely to Fairview to help assure the best start possible.