Living with cancer may be one of the most difficult challenges you will ever face. But there is no reason to face it alone.

At Medina Hospital we offer progressive, state-of-the-art cancer care in a friendly atmosphere. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible. Our oncology services are led by a knowledgeable and dedicated team of physicians, and nurses, social workers, pharmacists, dietitians and clergy.

Both inpatient and outpatient oncology treatments are offered at Medina Hospital. Physical and Occupational therapy services are also available along with care for Lymphedema when ordered by the patient's physician.

The Medina Hospital Oncology Program is approved by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer.

For cancer questions or to make a same-day appointment, call the Cancer Answer Line at 866.223.8100.

Learn more about the causes, symptoms, variations and treatment options for cancer.


Chemotherapy is medicine that controls cancer cells. It is usually given intravenously (IV) or is taken in pill form, depending on what is prescribed by your physician.

IV treatment may be administered on an inpatient or an outpatient basis - with flexible scheduling to accommodate your individual needs. Some treatments may even be administered at home using a continuous infusion pump.

Part of your treatment may also include radiation.

Clinical Trials

Cancer treatment clinical trials are research studies designed to find better ways to treat cancer. It is important that men and women of all ages and backgrounds take part in these studies.

To find more information about clinical trials in our area, ask your physician, access the Cleveland Clinic Clinical Trials information or call the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Information Service toll-free 800.4.CANCER or visit their website at

Support Services

Cleveland Clinic health system, and the American Cancer Society have programs and services to help people with cancer and their loved ones understand cancer, manage their lives through treatment and recovery and find the emotional support they need.

Spiritual support is also extended to you and your family through our Spiritual Care Department.

Cancer Registry

An important statistical division of the Medina Hospital oncology program is the Cancer Registry. State law requires every hospital in the state of Ohio to submit information to the Ohio Cancer Incidence Surveillance System (OCISS), a division of the Ohio Department of Health.

Certain statistical information including a patient's age, gender and type of cancer, are recorded in a data bank that is compiled by members of OCISS - no names are used. This information is then utilized to help study trends in cancer types.

For example, if an area sees a higher incidence of bladder cancer, officials can then study possible causes and create a solution that prevents future cases. The information also can help guide physicians in creating a treatment plan for their patients.

Community Services

Medina Hospital physicians and staff strive to educate the community on the best defenses against cancer - a healthy lifestyle and early detection. Education programs including cancer prevention education and cancer screenings for the eye, prostate and skin are also offered. Members of the oncology staff are also available to speak to local organizations through our community outreach program.