Education and workforce development are in our Cleveland Clinic DNA. Cleveland Clinic works to improve health and wellness, promote academic achievement, and foster career preparedness for students in grades pre-K through 12. Our Clinic-Based, School-Based, and Connected Learning programs provide a wide range of authentic learning experiences at Cleveland Clinic facilities, in schools, and through technology-mediated activities. Aligned with academic content standards and centered on real-world applications, these programs leverage organizational resources and community partnerships to support student success, both inside and beyond the classroom, empowering our community’s next generation of leaders.

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Grades K-5

Grades K-5

Dangerous Decibels®

A free, school-based program designed to teach 4th through 5th graders the concepts of noise-induced hearing loss prevention. Through a fun, interactive, 50-minute presentation, students explore the science of sound, the way it travels, and how they can protect their hearing for years to come!

The program is delivered by Cleveland Clinic audiologists and audiology doctoral students who have completed Dangerous Decibels® educator training.

Classroom teachers can register to participate by visiting clevelandclinic.org/dangerousdecibels

Health Unleashed!

Built around the Rex Rules! storybook series, Health Unleashed! promotes healthy lifestyle choices, literacy, and interdisciplinary exploration for students in grades K through 2. The program’s interactive lessons and creative resources advance student enrichment within and beyond the classroom by capturing the energy and enthusiasm of Rex himself.

Visit clevelandclinic.org/healthunleashed to learn more.

HealthCARE™ (Cultivating Acceptance and Respect through Education)

This educational program is designed to promote inclusion and self-esteem among children ages 5 through 10. HealthCARE™ provides free educational resources, including award-winning videos and accompanying curricula that meet state and national academic standards in a variety of subjects. The program also offers disease-specific lessons so teachers can address inclusion and self-esteem as they relate to specific medical conditions.

Visit clevelandclinic.org/healthcare to access these educational materials.

Power Washers™

Created by 2008 Creative Learning intern Gabriel Firestone, these hygiene superheroes teach elementary school students the importance, technique, and science of proper hand washing through music, humor, and games. Join Water Woman, Super Soap, and Touchy Towel as they take on a band of evil germs in their Webby Award-winning music video debut, or become a Power Washer™ yourself by beating the bad guys in the Power Washers™ Hand Washing game.

Visit clevelandclinic.org/powerwashers to play the game.

Grades 6-12

Grades 6-12

101 Series

This series of middle and high school programs focuses on the prevention, management, and treatment of chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and stroke.

Adventures in Health Science and Medicines® (AHSM®)

This program is a series of courses delivered through video conference technology designed to promote career exploration in health science and the study of medicine for students in middle school. Offered through hour-long, real-time presentations, each course includes a lecture, case-study investigation, hands-on activities, and collaborative discussion facilitated by a Cleveland Clinic caregiver.

Classroom teachers must apply to participate. Learn more at clevelandclinic.org/ahsm.

Connected Rounds

Building on the tradition of Grand Rounds, in which doctors, residents, medical students, and healthcare professionals are updated on important and evolving healthcare issues, procedures, and innovations, this grade-specific webinar series centers around a team of Cleveland Clinic caregivers who provide cross-functional perspectives on a topical health issue.


eXpressions® is a free, award-winning educational initiative that engages middle and high school students in the creative exploration of science and medicine. Through project-based, peer-to-peer learning, students translate research studies conducted by Cleveland Clinic summer interns, producing artistic, literary, and mathematical interpretations of the science.

Classroom teachers who wish to participate can find more information at clevelandclinic.org/expressions.


Please visit the Economic Vitality page to learn more about our middle and high school internship opportunities.

Teen Cancer Program

This high school education program focused on cancer prevention and the importance of self-exams. Students in the program study breast, testicular, skin, and lung cancers.

Classroom teachers can register to participate by emailing letsmoveit@ccf.org.

Worldwide Classroom®

This program includes free, interactive, real-time courses delivered through video conference or live stream technology that address a wide range of important health topics and healthcare careers for regional and national middle and high school-aged students. Educators can register their students to participate in one or all of the courses offered through the program’s two unique learning series – Hot Topics and Meet the Caregivers.

  • Hot Topics courses explore an array of important health topics, with one health topic being spotlighted each month.
  • Meet the Caregivers courses showcase the work of Cleveland Clinic caregivers whose careers relate to the health topics being spotlighted each month in the Hot Topics courses.

Classroom teachers who wish to participate can find more information at clevelandclinic.org/wwclassroom.