We welcome your interest in Cleveland Clinic's School of Medical Laboratory Science. Laboratory technologists play a vital role in the care provided to our patients. Our technologists perform more than 11 million tests a year, helping to diagnose disease and monitor therapy. Health promotion and disease prevention are also key to the mission of the Cleveland Clinic and our laboratories provide data that helps patients maintain the benefits of good health.

Cleveland Clinic is a health care system with a large downtown campus in Cleveland, 8 regional community hospitals, and numerous family health centers and physician office practices. Our diverse laboratories serve patients at all of these facilities. The majority of laboratory tests are performed at the main, downtown campus laboratory, and it is here that the School of Medical Laboratory Science is almost entirely based.

In our program students learn blood banking, clinical chemistry, hematology, immunopathology, and clinical microbiology. Skills basic to performance of accurate laboratory tests are acquired through individualized and group training at the bench. The laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and technology and students have exposure to many esoteric tests not performed routinely in most laboratories. Through the lecture series students gain understanding of the body’s normal state, as well as, disease processes. This knowledge helps them correlate the laboratory results to the care of the individual patient.

Communication of results and test interpretation to nurses, physicians, and other care providers is a critical component of quality patient care. Written and oral communications are essential skills that are developed through the program. Although the entry-level technologist performs few management functions, coursework in leadership and administration is incorporated to enable technologists to understand their role in the overall function of the laboratory and to help them advance to leadership positions in the future.

Ours is a rapidly changing profession. At Cleveland Clinic we are committed to adapting to advancing technologies and medical practices. As a student in our program or a technologist in our laboratory you will have many opportunities to apply your knowledge and experience personal growth. Opportunities for continuing education and personal development are abundant.

The laboratory sciences need dedicated professionals to provide timely, accurate, and relevant laboratory data as part of the overall care of patients. At Cleveland Clinic you will be part of a team of providers devoted to improving the quality of human life. We hope you will consider our program and look forward to working with you.

Susan M. Harrington, PhD, D(ABMM), MLS (ASCP)CM
Medical Director