At Cleveland Clinic, we are an intrinsic part of the social fabric of the community, creating opportunities for those around us and making the communities we serve healthier. Our investment in the community ranges from charitable care to education, medical research and community health initiatives.

It also includes partnering with other community organizations to impact the surrounding areas in which we are is vested, ensuring they continue to thrive. Our shared commitment to creating a healthier community for everyone — both economically and environmentally — is how believe we can make the greatest impact. This includes:

  • Providing safe green space for local residents.
  • Creating walkable streets and parks for families in our community.
  • Reducing our carbon footprint.

As one of the founding members of the Healthcare Anchor Network partners, we strive to improve community health and well-being by leveraging all of our available resources, including hiring, purchasing and investing to provide an equitable, local economic impact.

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To speak with the team, or for more information about the INVEST initiatives, please email [email protected].

Community Partnerships

Community Partnerships

The Cleveland Clinic Community Health Strategy (CHS) is an enterprise-wide initiative to consolidate all community-facing efforts and align resources to provide the highest level of partner-driven, organized, efficient, evidence-based opportunities. These efforts will engage our communities in learning about the impact of the social determinants of health and health inequity on their everyday life.

The objective of the CHS is to partner with our communities to attain the highest levels of health, well-being and health equity utilizing an Anchor approach. By leveraging our business practices around inclusive, local hiring and workforce development, local and diverse sourcing, and place-based investing, we can tackle these underlying causes of poor health by investing in the social and economic wellbeing of the communities we serve.

We aim to support community initiatives that address identified needs in the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) and focus on vulnerable populations. Our goal is to partner with organizations that offer one or more of the following:

  • Provide services to families and people throughout their lifetime.
  • Are a trusted stakeholder and/or advocate for populations with health disparities.
  • Promote wellness by directly addressing maternal/infant health, chronic disease prevention, behavioral health, and/or socioeconomic concerns through evidence-based strategies.
  • Support educational attainment and workforce development.
  • Improve environment or community conditions (housing, green space, safety)
  • Have the capacity to build a bidirectional partnership.

With the ever-changing landscape in health care and services, the dynamic is changing from "sick" care to "health" care. As such, the health of a community is not determined solely on physical well-being, but on all the factors that go into the experience of living, working and thriving in Northeast Ohio. Cleveland Clinic is committed to working with individuals and organizations that understand this new reality, and these social and environmental determinants will be considered within the framework of any request for support.

Become a Partner

To request financial or collaborative support, please consider the following:

  • A sponsorship/partnership request should focus on sustainable, bi-directional program(s) collaboration to benefit the health, wellbeing, and health equity of the communities Cleveland Clinic serves, whether in urban Cleveland, inner-ring suburbs, or surrounding communities/counties.
  • All sponsorship/partnership requests must align with one or more of the following priorities:
    • Heal: Serve our most vulnerable populations, focus on Community Health Needs, address root causes.
    • Hire: Local youth education to workforce development, support job readiness programs and partnerships, create an employee pipeline.
    • Invest: Buy local when possible, partner with community leaders to attract and support businesses, commit to a community investing plan, improve local built environments.

For your request to be considered please provide all information requested in the Cleveland Clinic Community Health Partnership/Sponsorship Request Form.

If you have questions regarding the criteria or the review process, please email [email protected].