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Renal & Pancreas Transplantation

The Center for Renal and Pancreas Transplantation operates a full range of services for patients with advanced renal failure facing the possibility of renal replacement therapy. Our services include evaluation, wait list maintenance, transplant procedures, and follow up care. Additionally, appropriate diabetics can qualify for pancreas or combined pancreas and kidney transplantation. In selected patients with renal vascular disease or ureteral loss, renal autotransplantation can be performed.

The center is multidisciplinary and is staffed by five surgeons and four nephrologists. Transplant urologists work very closely with nephrologists on patient management issues. The center also involves nurse coordinators, social workers, dieticians and financial counselors.

An appointment begins with a referral from a patient’s personal nephrologist. Patients can then be scheduled for an evaluation that will involve a more comprehensive multidisciplinary evaluation. Additional laboratory, radiographic and cardiovascular testing is usually performed. Based upon these tests, qualified candidates will be placed on the wait list for a kidney. If a living donor is identified and found to be suitable, some patients will proceed to living donor transplantation.

For most patients with advanced kidney disease transplantation provides a survival advantage compared to dialysis and an improved quality of life.

Cleveland Clinic’s Transplant Center offers a unique program of wellness assessment and maintenance designed to ensure the continued good health of our kidney donor patients. Called the ‘Donor Wellness Initiative,’ or ‘Donor WIn,’ the program consists of:

  • A detailed physical examination
  • Sophisticated measurement of cardiovascular health
  • Dietary and fitness evaluations
  • Evaluation of kidney function

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