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Cleveland Clinic's Transplant Center provides the highest quality of transplantation procedures. These life-transforming surgeries take place everyday here in the hands of our experts.
Why Choose Cleveland Clinic Transplant Center

Why Choose The Transplant Center

At Cleveland Clinic's Transplant Center, world-class experts perform a variety of transplantation procedures. Each year, thousands of lives are saved and transformed because of our innovative transplant expertise. Combining quality, excellence and the top transplant physicians and specialists, Cleveland Clinic Transplant Center is proud to be a leader in organ transplantation. We offer one of the most comprehensive transplant programs in the world and perform a variety of transplantations.

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Doctors, Transplant Programs and Patient Education

Transplant Doctors | Cleveland Clinic

Our Doctors

We can help you choose the top transplant specialist from our pool of surgeons and other health care providers.

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Transplant Programs

We offer one of the most comprehensive transplant programs in the world and perform a variety of transplantations.

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Transplant Patient Education | Cleveland Clinic

Patient Education

Find frequently asked questions regarding your transplant and our center, as well as treatment guides and expert insight about the transplant process.

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Becoming A Living Donor

Becoming A Living Donor

An alternative when time matters.

Cleveland Clinic has one of the few living donor programs in the nation with expertise in both kidney and liver living donor transplantation.

Referring a Patient to Our Transplant Center

Referring a Patient to Our Transplant Center

200+ Transplant Center specialists & 50+ years of transplantation experience

Find important information on how to refer patients to a Cleveland Clinic transplant specialist.

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Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Kidney transplant patient Mike Rogers and his girlfriend Josie Brown

Mom's Tragic Death Provides Life-Saving Kidney Transplant for Daughter's Boyfriend

Apr 25, 2019

"It means so much knowing that my mom can live on by donating her organs to Mike and others, so they can live normal lives again.”
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Debbie Gump and her son Dylan

Son Donates His Liver to Save Mother’s Life

Mar 26, 2019

“I wasn’t scared. I had met the team and the surgeon and trusted them. I knew I was in good hands. My mom didn’t ask me, I just said I’d do it. Anybody would do anything for their mom. I felt lucky that I had a chance to help her.”
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Isabel Sweeney and her family

Pediatric Heart-Liver Transplant Patient is a “Walking Miracle”

Jan 28, 2019

“What Isabel went through was awful, but we had the best caregivers and support... Unless I tell someone, or someone asks, you’d never know that she is a walking miracle.”
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