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When you think about a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis, you might wonder what’s in store. How will having this condition affect the rest of your life?

You may be wondering what “eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly” means for you. Maybe you’re not sure how to explain Type 2 diabetes (T2D) and how you’ll manage it to your family and friends. Or you’re curious which diabetes medication is best. Maybe you just need someone who “gets” what you’re going through.

Whether you just received a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis or you’ve had it for a while, we understand that it’s complex to manage. The good news? You’re not alone. Our team at Cleveland Clinic is ready to help you and empower you to lead a happy and healthy life with diabetes.

Why Choose Cleveland Clinic for Type 2 Diabetes Care?

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Collaborative care:

To holistically manage Type 2 diabetes, your care team may include your primary care provider, an endocrinologist, a pharmacist, diabetes educators and a dietitian. Together, your team will work with you to develop a treatment and management program that’s tailored just for you. Meet our team.

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Innovation and research:

At Cleveland Clinic, we’re committed to the science that advances the treatment and management of those with Type 2 diabetes.

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Comprehensive treatment:

We offer a variety of diabetes self-management group classes and individual support programs (taught by diabetes care and education specialists) to help you gain confidence and succeed in your day-to-day life with Type 2 diabetes.

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Patient-centered care:

Our healthcare providers understand that there’s much more to your life than Type 2 diabetes. We’ll get to know you as a person, not just your A1c number. We care about what’s important to you and personalize your care to help you feel your best.

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National recognition:

Cleveland Clinic is a trusted healthcare leader. We're recognized in the U.S. and throughout the world for our expertise and care.

Type 2 Diabetes Diagnosis at Cleveland Clinic

Symptoms of Type 2 diabetes don’t happen all at once. They tend to develop slowly over time. You may be very thirsty, hungry, tired or your vision might become blurry. You may have to pee a lot, have tingling or numbness in your hands and feet and lose weight without trying. If you have any of these symptoms, your healthcare provider may order the following tests:

  • Fasting blood sugar (glucose) test: This blood test checks how much sugar is in your blood after an eight-hour fast (nothing to eat or drink except water).
  • Random blood sugar test: This blood test measures the sugar in your blood without having to fast first.
  • Glycated hemoglobin test (A1c): If your blood sugar test shows you have diabetes, this test will show your average blood sugar for the past three months.
  • Oral glucose tolerance testing: This test checks your blood sugar levels before and after you drink a sugary beverage and evaluates how your body handles sugar.
  • Anti-insulin antibody tests: Your provider might order these blood tests to make sure you don’t have Type 1 diabetes or latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA). These are both autoimmune conditions — LADA develops more slowly than Type 1. In these conditions, your immune system attacks the insulin-producing cells in your pancreas for unknown reasons. People with Type 1 diabetes and LADA have certain antibodies in their blood that show evidence of this attack. People with Type 2 diabetes don’t have these antibodies.

Sometimes, you may not feel anything usual. Not everyone experiences symptoms. This can mean that you might have Type 2 diabetes for a while before being diagnosed. Regularly scheduled visits to your primary care provider is one way to stay on top of this condition. Your provider can let you know if you need screening tests for any unknown health conditions like Type 2 diabetes and guide you through the process. The United States Preventative Task Force recommends that adults ages 35 to 70 who don’t have symptoms (asymptomatic), but have overweight or obesity, go through screening.


Our healthcare providers see patients at convenient locations in Ohio, Florida and London.

Type 2 Diabetes Treatment at Cleveland Clinic

Since Type 2 diabetes is a chronic condition, you’ll need to manage the condition daily. As overwhelming as this might sound right now, your diabetes care team will teach you how to do this effectively and efficiently.

There isn’t one “right” way to manage Type 2 diabetes — everyone has different goals, challenges and access to diabetes tools. And T2D affects each person differently. Our providers are up to date on all Type 2 diabetes treatments, including:

They’ll personalize a plan to meet your needs and adapt it as your needs and goals change.

Similarly, your providers will help you determine which blood sugar (glucose) monitoring strategy is best. They may recommend checking your blood sugar with a glucometer at different times throughout the day or week. Or you might find that using a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) works best for you.

Carefully planning your meals, maintaining a healthy weight for you and getting enough exercise are important to managing your Type 2 diabetes. Cleveland Clinic offers a variety of education and support programs to help you learn what you’ll need to know.

Managing other conditions you may have

It’s common that Type 2 diabetes might not be the only medical condition you have. You might also have things like high cholesterol, high blood pressure or obesity.

We bring together all of the experts you need to care for these conditions and any diabetes complications, like diabetes-related retinopathy or neuropathy. Your care team will be by (and on) your side to help you be as healthy as possible in a judgment-free environment.

We offer weight management care or bariatric surgery (weight-loss surgery) if you have obesity and are having difficulties managing your blood sugar levels with lifestyle changes and medication alone.

Taking the Next Step

Being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes is a big deal, but it’s not a deal breaker. You can still live a happy, full life doing all the things you love to do. You just need to know how to manage your new reality. Take the first steps toward a healthy life by connecting with a Cleveland Clinic specialist who can guide your journey with diabetes and help you be your best self.

Scheduling a visit with Cleveland Clinic’s Type 2 diabetes team is easy. We’re here to help you get the care you need.


Scheduling a visit with Cleveland Clinic’s Type 2 diabetes team is easy. We’re here to help you get the care you need.

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