The Parkinson disease (PD) and Movement Disorders Program provides comprehensive medical and surgical (including deep brain stimulation [DBS]) care for all movement disorder patients. In the past decade and a half, the Center for Neurological Restoration has shown tremendous growth in the areas of clinical care, research, and education. It is among the first in the nation to introduce the comprehensive multidisciplinary team approach for the evaluation and surgical treatment of movement disorders. It is the State of Ohio’s only Parkinson Disease Center of Excellence, designated by the Parkinson’s Foundation, and Atypical Parkinsonism Center of Care, designated by the CURE PSP Foundation.

The Movement Disorders Program at Cleveland Clinic is one of the richest and most diverse sources of clinical materials in the world. Across all of its locations, the Center for Neurological Restoration examines and treats over 10,000 unique patients per year from all over the globe. Hundreds of DBS implantations have been performed in the Center for Neurological Restoration since its inception.

We are an international leader in DBS research with our primate lab in neurophysiology headed by Kenneth Baker, PhD. We performed the first human DBS implantation for stroke, and also the first human DBS implantation for chronic pain, headed by Andre Machado, MD, PhD. We perform clinical trials exploring directional leads in DBS. Recently, we obtained federal funding for several investigator-initiated projects, including examining cognitive and personality changes in DBS-treated patients.

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Hubert Fernandez, MD



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