In today's economy, every business is concerned about costs. Cleveland Clinic AtWork helps reduce healthcare spending by managing employee health and returning employees to work as quickly as possible.

By offering Cleveland Clinic AtWork services on-site, you can give your valued employees access to top quality care. Cleveland Clinic AtWork on-site clinics are aligned with experts at Cleveland Clinic. The result: a coordinated care approach that provides excellent care for your employees and decreased costs for your business.

Cleveland Clinic AtWork strives to meet the individual needs of your company. Our case management approach enables us to work with your company to reduce your overall healthcare insurance and workers' compensation costs.

On-Site Clinics: Advantages for Employers

Cost Savings. On-site clinics provide care at a lower cost on-site, and encourage employees to use primary care. This decreases the incidence of specialty care and ER visits.

Increased Productivity. Employees remain on-site with less wait time at appointments, and seek care sooner, resulting in decreased absenteeism. 

Access to Coordinated Care. Employees receive routine screenings and manage chronic conditions, which can help to reduce hospitalizations. 

Occupational Health. Work site injuries stabilized on-site. 

Employee Engagement and Retention. In an era when many benefit expenses are being shifted to employees, on-site clinics are a program help demonstrate an employer’s commitment to its employees’ health.



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