The Urology Center at Lutheran Hospital takes pride in offering individualized treatment programs for a wide variety of urological problems. Special attention is given to problems of the prostate and kidney, as well as impotence, incontinence and infertility. The physicians and staff of the Urology Center are highly skilled and trained in the latest technological advances in order to provide hope and restore health.

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We offer comprehensive examinations and medical and surgical management for both male and female general urological diseases as well as private consultations for each of the following related concerns.

What We Treat


Erection problems are common and can be a result of physical causes, psychological causes, or a combination of the two. Physical causes of impotence include medication, blood flow abnormalities and nerve impulse abnormalities. Medical and surgical solutions can treat such causes. Psychological causes for impotence may be stress, depression or performance anxiety, all of which can be relieved through counseling by a qualified psychologist or counselor.


Between 10 and 20 million American adults are affected by loss of bladder control, known as incontinence. Both men and women are affected; although, women over the age of 50 have a higher chance of experiencing bladder problems. Types of incontinence include overflow incontinence, urge incontinence, stress incontinence, total incontinence, enuresis or bed-wetting. Available treatments include surgery, prosthetic devices and external collection devices. Incontinence can affect anyone at any age, regardless of race or gender.


Approximately 40 percent of all infertility problems can be traced to men. Abnormal or malfunctioning sperm cells, disease, infection or injury can cause male infertility. Lutheran Hospital set up The Andrology Laboratory to specifically study and treat these problems. This lab is one of few such labs operating in the U.S. Patients receive the most current, accurate and reliable means of diagnosing the causes of infertility, thus offering hope for men with the desire to father children.

The Andrology Laboratory utilizes a special microcomputer that analyzes the sperm of a patient to determine the cause of infertility and to offer a personalized solution. Close collaboration with a gynecologist is available in order to promote a couple-oriented approach to infertility.

Kidney Problems

More than 1 million Americans suffer from kidney and urinary tract stones. People suffering from such kidney problems may experience pain, fever, chills, and nausea. Kidney stones that become too large to pass through the urinary system can cause excruciating pain. The Urology Center at Lutheran Hospital offers various treatments including Candela Laser Lithotripter (laser breakdown of kidney stones), lithotripsy (shock-wave therapy) and surgical removal of kidney stones.

Prostate Health

Prostate problems affect 50 percent of all men over the age of 50 and are a growing concern. Prostate cancer is now the most common type of cancer in men and the second highest cause of cancer deaths in men. Prostate cancer is very serious, but it does not have to be life-threatening. Early detection is extremely important because there may be no symptoms of a prostate problem, or symptoms may be so common as to be overlooked (e.g., frequent urination, inability to urinate).