Story of the Professional Practice Model

Professional Practice Model
Figure A.
Professional Practice Model
Figure B.

The Cleveland Clinic Akron General PPM was developed in 2015 (Figure A.) by a committee of Cleveland Clinic Akron General nurses in an effort to align and integrate nursing practice with the mission, vision and values.

The PPM was updated in 2020 (Figure B.) to reflect our current practice and updated values. Although similar to the original, the revised PPM unifies us on a path to world-class care and gives us the framework for focusing on four care priorities: Patients, Caregivers, Organization and Community. Rather than a generalized guide of nursing practice, our PPM outlines the specific framework of what we should do as nurses.


Our professional goal and responsibility is to ensure we provide each patient a lifetime of high quality, seamless care enabled by technology, we create an inclusive and supportive culture that empowers caregivers to thrive, we steward our resources, enabling us to grow responsibly and serve as many patients as possible and we serve our communities by tailoring care to meet their unique needs and ensure better health. An accurate Professional Practice model assists in addressing the daily challenges and opportunities in healthcare.

How the model was revised

A steering committee met to review the current model. Recommendations from the group included:

  • Keep the same visual feel of the PPM (revise content not structure)
  • Reduce the complexity of the current model
  • Narrow down the number of theorists

Themes were added to the PPM to capture practice, collaboration, leadership, engagement and decision-making. The four domains of nursing practice were also revised to reflect the current nursing activities, shared values and opportunities.

How the nursing models and system initiatives come together

The Cleveland Clinic Experience is the integration of employee engagement and patient experience. It explains each individual’s role in supporting our mission, vision and values and sets expectations for Cleveland Clinic service behaviors, provides caregivers an opportunity to practice our service recovery process, and establishes how to provide and receive feedback regarding service behaviors.

The Professional Practice Model drives the Cleveland Clinic Experience by empowering the RN to make informed decisions and holding others accountable. The Professional Practice Model holds all nursing team members accountable for expected service behaviors and educates nurses about critical thinking and the importance of making decisions based on what’s best for the patient. The model embraces the Care Priorities and uses all Cleveland Clinic initiatives emphasizing quality, safety and value.