Nursing Professional Practice Model

The Zielony Institute Nursing Professional Practice Model & Care Delivery

In order to continue our legacy of world-class care, a committee, consisting of Chief Nursing Officers, Directors, Managers, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Human Resources and nurse focus groups, convened to design a nursing practice model to align with our philosophies and guiding principles. Developed uniquely to our needs, The Zielony Institute Nursing Professional Practice Model is an amalgam of theories behind our nursing practice with greatest emphasis placed on Marie Manthey’s Relationship Based Care, Patricia Benner’s Thinking in Action, Peter Senge’s Systems Thinking and Ken Jennings’s Serving Leadership Philosophy.

As serving leaders, nurses recognize that the essence of caring and care delivery is human connection. A human connection is created through a healing environment with the patient and the family at the center, and includes relationships with colleagues, community, and self. This therapeutic relationship is dynamic and fluid as the nurse responds to changes with patients, families and the environment. Continually assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating care based on evidence, sound clinical judgment and critical thinking skills, the nurse provides safe, quality, expert, compassionate care.

There are three primary goals of the Zielony Nursing Institute Professional Practice Model: to establish the vision and guiding principles for the Zielony Nursing Institute, to set the care expectations for the institute's existing staff and prospective nursing employees, or and to firmly express the environment we foster and in which employees can expect to work.