The mission of the Department of Research at Cleveland Clinic Akron General is to provide the resources necessary to support innovation and discovery through scientific study. The Department of Research also works to form collaborations with local universities, medical schools, community organizations, and corporations to bring high-level research opportunities to our institution. By providing our physicians, residents, nurses and staff with the resources and opportunities to be involved in cutting-edge research, we are able to improve the caliber of our clinicians and provide patients with the most up-to-date advances in treatment and care.

The Department of Research is located in close proximity to the Akron General campus in beautiful downtown Akron. The newly remodeled space includes more than 1,000 square feet dedicated to biomechanics research and computer simulation.

Some of the resources available through the Department of Research include:

  • Matching investigators with expert collaborators from local universities and medical schools,
  • Identification of sponsored/industry research opportunities,
  • Assistance with finding and preparing grant applications,
  • Research methods and study design assistance,
  • Statistical data analysis,
  • Preparation of presentations and manuscripts.

To view Publications, visit the Graduate of Medical Education section of the Department of Medical Education, and click on the residency program of interest.

Department of Research
Cleveland Clinic Akron General

Mailing Address:
1 Akron General Avenue
Akron, OH 44307

Physical Address:
47 North Main St. 
Akron, OH 44308

Phone: 330.344.6947