For Athletes of All Ages

The Volleyball Performance program is designed to improve jumping, landing techniques, and hitting mechanics.

It includes upper and lower body training to increase the flexibility, strength and agility needed to be successful in volleyball.

The program is aimed to reduce the risk of shoulder and lower extremity injuries by addressing proper form and biomechanics.

Program Services

  • Pre-testing to determine athlete’s ability, strengths, weaknesses and goals.
  • Individualized instruction and exercises tailored to the athlete’s goals and needs.
  • Post-testing to analyze the athlete’s accomplishments in the program.

The program is appropriate for players at any age or skill level and is offered for one-on-one instruction or group instruction over an 8-week course.

Volleyball Performance is available at Cleveland Clinic locations throughout Northeast Ohio. Schedule an appointment for Volleyball Performance by phone at 216.444.6262.