For Baseball and Softball Athletes

Injuries in baseball are common and can be difficult to manage. Most baseball injuries occur at the shoulder and elbow.

Throwing injuries, especially overuse injuries, are on the rise. These muscle/tendon injuries often happen when the arm performs “too much” or returns “too soon” after throwing. The result can be tendonitis (inflammation of the tendon), ligament disruption, or potential injury to the growth plate in younger athletes. Injury also may be the result of using faulty throwing mechanics. Adequate rest and rehabilitation will effectively return the thrower to their sport.

Our team of medical professionals is highly experienced in dealing with such injuries at all levels. No two injuries are the same and we address each one individually. Our strength lies in investigating how the injury occurred, correcting the problem and preventing future disability.

Program Services

  • Video analysis of mechanics and throwing motion as related to injury.
  • Complete baseball conditioning programs.
  • Baseball-specific physical evaluations.
  • Rehabilitation programs for injuries that happen.
  • Easy access to physician and physical therapy specialists, when needed.