Our Jump Right program is designed to improve jumping and landing mechanics in all athletes.

While anyone can suffer an ACL injury, female athletes are up to eight times more likely to sustain ACL injuries than men. Research points out that females tend to change direction (“cut,” “jump” and “jump stop”) differently than males. Those types of maneuvers are often to blame for non-contact ACL tears. Thankfully, data also shows that supervised training programs to improve leg strength and jump-landing techniques may decrease risk for injury in athletes.

Jump Right is a six- to eight-week program that begins with a comprehensive evaluation. Then, our sports rehabilitation specialists customize a program that will help you avoid injury and maximize your performance.

Program Services

  • Reducing your risk of knee injury, no matter what sport you play.
  • Improve jump landing techniques.
  • Help to improve your planting and cutting ability.
  • Coaching to increase your vertical jump.
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation for injuries that do happen.