Patients who seek care at Cleveland Clinic will interact with the highly skilled and professional nurses of the Stanley Shalom Zielony Institute for Nursing Excellence. They are an integral part of your care team. They will work with your doctors, pharmacists, patient educators, and other caregivers to be your advocate and to enact your personalized plan of care.

As the health system’s largest caregiver group, the nurses of Cleveland Clinic have vast experience and diverse expertise. Our nurses work in every setting and can be found in positions of leadership, advanced practice, quality, research, education and more.

The Stanley Shalom Zielony Institute for Nursing Excellence oversees the practice and education of nearly 35,000 nursing caregivers. Their commitment to excellence can be found throughout the Cleveland Clinic enterprise, which includes:

In Ohio:

  • 13 regional hospitals
  • Family health and surgery centers
  • Health and wellness centers

National locations:

  • 41 locations in Florida – including 5 regional hospitals and 3 family health centers
  • A location in Nevada

International locations:

Our nurses work in inpatient, outpatient, rehabilitation and home care settings. They work with the very latest technologies, develop their nursing practices and excel in patient care. It’s why eleven of our hospitals have received their Magnet® designation, one is on its Journey to Magnet Excellence®, and two are on the Journey to Pathway to Excellence®.