Cleveland Clinic is one of the largest and most respected hospitals in the country. We serve patients from every state in the nation and from 185 countries around the world. Each year, more than 7.6 million outpatient visits are recorded, with over 200,000 surgical procedures performed enterprise-wide.

The Stanley Shalom Zielony Institute for Nursing Excellence oversees the practice and education of over 23,000 nursing caregivers across the Cleveland Clinic health system in inpatient, outpatient, rehabilitation and home care fields. Because of the breadth of our services and locations, as well as the diversity of our nursing offices, Cleveland Clinic offers nurses the opportunity to provide exemplary care in a variety of disciplines.

Learn more about our various nursing offices within the Zielony Nursing Institute.

Care Management Department

Experienced registered nurses with a broad background and good understanding of the continuum of care may function as case managers. These nurses perform a valuable service by guiding patients with complex needs and multiple physicians through their Cleveland Clinic experience.

Cleveland Clinic Staffing Resources Office

Cleveland Clinic Staffing Resources (CCSR) is an innovative program within the Zielony Institute. CCSR offers experienced registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, dialysis technicians, surgical technicians and others the opportunity to take advantage of the most flexible scheduling available while still being considered a Cleveland Clinic employee. Being a part of the Cleveland Clinic Staffing Resources program allows CCSR employees the freedom to schedule themselves online at their convenience for shifts at any Cleveland Clinic facility, including Weston, Florida.

Office of Advanced Practice Nursing

Cleveland Clinic health system has more than 1,000 advanced practice nurses working in a variety of settings. APNs include certified registered nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, certified nurse midwives and certified registered nurse anesthetists. APNs work both independently and in collaboration with physicians, providing services such as patient physicals, ordering and interpreting tests and procedures, prescribing medications, coordinating care, and performing patient education.

Office of Ambulatory Nursing

Cleveland Clinic extends its reach into individual communities across Northeast Ohio and Florida through the work of over 2,200 ambulatory care registered nurses. Employed throughout our institutes, regional hospitals and in our family health centers, these nurses work to help patients and their families not only manage both acute and chronic illnesses, but also engage in illness prevention.

Office of Emergency Services

Nurses in the emergency department work in a fast-paced environment that requires organizational skills, quick decision-making and teamwork. As part of Cleveland Clinic’s integration of Emergency Services, our emergency departments (EDs) are moving to a single electronic medical record, standardized processes and equipment, and the implementation of “split-flow” treatment tracks, which separate patients with urgent needs from those with more acute needs. These initiatives are meant not only to meet the needs of patients and their families, but also to improve staff engagement and pride. Cleveland Clinic EDs differentiate themselves from others by being models of efficiency while still maintaining compassion and world-class care.

Office of Nursing Education & Professional Development

To ensure that nurses have the competencies and skills to provide excellence in care related to recent advances in research, technology and new treatment options, the Office of Nursing Education & Professional Development promotes a broad array of opportunities for professional growth.

Nurses have ample opportunity to develop their skills, advance their education and move up in their and careers, all while working as a team to provide exceptional patient care.

The Zielony Nursing Institute thrives from a constant flow of nursing students. Every year since 2009, there have been over 7,000 nursing students partaking in clinicals at Cleveland Clinic hospitals.

Office of Nursing Informatics

Cleveland Clinic's Office of Nursing Informatics is a dynamic group that supports evidence-based nursing practice and quality patient outcomes through technology-based solutions to improve nursing communication, aid in electronic medical record documentation and increase the efficiency of nursing care for patients.

Patient care drives the technology that is implemented and the nursing informatics team partners with nursing and information technology staff to successfully implement and continually optimize technological solutions at the bedside.

Office of Quality & Practice

Nursing Quality and Practice at Cleveland Clinic facilitates the improvement of patient outcomes as it promotes patient safety and quality of nursing care at each hospital. Through its collection, analysis and reporting of multiple nursing quality indicators, Nursing Quality and Practice heightens awareness to improve patient care and nursing practice.

Staff in Nursing Quality and Practice regularly recommends, and participates in, research related to nursing interventions, patient safety initiatives, shared governance and promotion of Magnet® status and Pathway to Excellence® designation.

Office of Research & Innovation

Nursing Research & Innovation staff members mentor nurses as principal and co-investigators in conducting, translating and disseminating research that will increase knowledge about clinical and administrative practices and facilitate evidence-based nursing practices to improve patient outcomes.

The results of nursing research are used to provide rationale for current practice or a change in policies, procedures and patient care behaviors. Results that expand knowledge are often used as the basis for new and innovative nursing systems, processes and patient interventions.