Underscoring its leadership position, the section has introduced the first dedicated pediatric MRI unit fully supported by pediatric anesthesiology. The consistent availability of sedation in a stand-alone facility for a defined patient population significantly advances the efficacy and quality of pediatric care.

For the last eight years, the section has committed to lowering the radiation dose for children undergoing CT, thus placing it at the forefront of the ongoing Image Gently(SM) campaign of the American College of Radiology and the Society for Pediatric Radiology. Section members strongly endorse the campaign and advance its goals not only in practice, but through research on radiation dose reduction in CT.

Pediatric Imaging works closely with the Department of Pediatrics and pediatric subspecialists to provide timely, accurate and effective diagnosis and treatment. All members of the section are board-certified in diagnostic radiology, with the certificate of added qualification in pediatric radiology. They interpret images in all modalities and also perform imaging-guided interventional procedures, including biopsies and drainages.


Education is a primary component of the Pediatric Imaging mission, as demonstrated by staff development of the world’s most comprehensive web-based resident curriculum. Almost every radiology training program in the United States and programs in 45 countries around the world use this valuable teaching tool. The section continues to introduce new online learning tools, update and expand the program’s content, and broaden the reach of its web-based training.


Active areas of research include web-based clinical simulation, low-dose CT, and optimization of magnetic resonance imaging for pediatric bowel and liver disease.


The six pediatric radiologists pursue educational and professional initiatives regionally and nationally. Their ranks include the course coordinator for anatomy instruction at Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine and the director of the pediatric instructional course for the American Roentgen Ray Society. In addition, they serve as faculty for review courses and serve on the continuing medical education committee of the American Roentgen Ray Society and the American College of Radiology. All are active members of the Society for Pediatric Radiology.



The Section of Pediatric Radiology provides a full array of services to assist in diagnosing in children of all ages, including:

Additionally, our-board-certified staff members offer sub-specialty services unique to our institution:

  • Pediatric MRI.
  • Fetal MRI.
  • Ultrasound-guided joint injection.
  • Vascular anomalies imaging.
Patient Resources

Patient Resources

Patient education is a very important part of our job, because the more you know about your testing, and what to expect, the more you and your child will benefit.

Certified child life specialists

Child life specialists are health professionals who help children and their families cope with medical experiences. Trained in fields such as: child development, child life, education and psychology, child life specialists help young children, teens, and family members cope with the stresses sometimes associated with different testing required, or surgery, hospitalization and illness. Child life specialists provide education and resources for parents and members of the interdisciplinary team.