Program Overview

Program Overview

Our Program

The General Cardiovascular Medicine Fellowship is a comprehensive three-year program designed to provide the skills required for a successful leadership career in both academic and clinical practice. Our state of the art Heart Center under the Heart, Vascular & Thoracic Institute allows us to provide unparalleled clinical training throughout the three years of fellowship and allows for our fellows to leave as the best trained cardiologists in the country. The challenging cases, procedural volume, dedicated faculty, and the academic strength of our fellows ensure that our trainees receive a comprehensive education in all aspects of cardiovascular medicine. The core curriculum is designed to provide a strong clinical foundation in cardiovascular medicine in the first year of training. The second and third year experience builds upon that foundation to enhance the scope of knowledge and skills by allowing more time for dedicated electives, research, and supervisory roles. The structure of our fellowship provides the opportunity for each fellow to tailor their experience to their specific interests and goals.

Cardiovascular Medicine Fellows

Research is an integral component of our training program. The majority of fellows graduating the program present at premier national meetings and publish in peer reviewed journals. Our success in research is evident by fellows receiving a variety of research awards and grants on an annual basis. Didactic conferences and research meetings are an integral component of the educational experience. For those interested in enriching their research education during their fellowship, we provide a variety of resources including formal biostatistics courses, advanced degrees (i.e. MPH), and training at our clinical research institute; all of which are supported by our program.

The program meets all requirements of the American Board of Internal Medicine Subspecialty Board of Cardiovascular Diseases. To qualify, you must have completed an internal medicine residency in the United States.

Living in Cleveland

Cleveland is a mid-sized Midwestern city that offers world-class experiences at a low cost of living. The city is home to several of America’s best restaurants, learn more.

Graduate Medical Education

We are delighted to offer you a glimpse of areas around Cleveland Clinic that are of interest to our residents and fellows.

Diversity & Inclusion

Discover the role diversity and inclusion plays at Cleveland Clinic and at its Graduate Medical Education program, as well as our diversity and inclusion efforts.

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Current Fellows

Current Fellows

Learn about the Cardiovascular Medicine Fellowship through our current fellows.

  1. Why Cleveland Clinic?
  2. Culture At Cleveland Clinic
  3. The J31 Rotation
  4. On Call in J31
  5. The Cath Lab
  6. Inpatient Rotations
  7. Outpatient Clinic
  8. Research at Cleveland Clinic
  9. Transitioning to Fellowship at Cleveland Clinic
  10. First Year Favorites
  11. Living in Cleveland Part 1
  12. Living in Cleveland Part 2

Learn about our current fellows:



Listen to what alumni of the Cardiovascular Medicine Fellowship have to say.

  1. Chetan Huded
  2. Donald (Trey) Clark
  3. Dharam Kumbhani
  4. Sachin Goel
  5. Justin Grodin
  6. Amanda Vest


First Year
Cath Lab 3 mo.
Echo Lab 2 mo.
Coronary Care Unit 1 mo.
Consult Service 1 mo.
Stress Lab 1 mo.
Valve Hospital
1 mo.
Heart Failure
1 mo.
EP Consult Service 1 mo.
Vacation 1 mo.
Second Year
Cath Lab 2-3 mo.
Echo Lab 1 mo.
Coronary Care Unit 1 mo.
Heart Failure 1 mo.
Cardiac Imaging 1 mo.
EP Lab 1 mo.
Electives 3-4 mo.
Vacation 1 mo.
Third Year
Cath Lab 1-3 mo.
Echo Lab 2 mo.
TEE 1 mo.
Congenital 1 mo.
Electives 4-6 mo.
Vacation 1 mo.
Cardiovascular Medicine Fellows Cardiovascular Medicine Fellows Cardiovascular Medicine Fellows
Cardiovascular Medicine Fellows    


Conferences and Education

Conferences and Education

Our program strives to provide the best educational opportunities for fellows training in cardiovascular medicine. As such, we have outlined the following specific educational goals of the program:

  1. Provide outstanding training in all aspects of current clinical cardiology.
  2. Teach evidence based approaches to diagnosis and management of cardiovascular disease.
  3. Provide an environment of continuous life long learning.
  4. Ensure a commitment to scholarship either in the basic or clinical sciences for fellows and faculty.
  5. Allow for a caring and compassionate environment for patients, fellows, faculty, and their families.
  6. Sponsor excellence in delivery of care, educational methodology, and mentored research.
  7. Attract and nurture the future leadership of cardiovascular medicine.

Our noon conference schedule for general fellows is an 18-month rotating curriculum that covers a wide range of topics within cardiovascular medicine. This allows for our fellows to be well prepared for clinical practice and sit for national board exams.

Cardiovascular Medicine Fellows

Research and Outcomes

Research and Outcomes

Each of our fellows completes a scholarly project during their time in the fellowship. Funding for conference attendance and travel is provided for those accepted as a first author presenter. Each spring, a guest speaker is invited to judge the Cardiovascular Medicine Fellowship Research Day, where our third year fellows present their work.

Cleveland Clinic Coordinating Center for Clinical Research is Cleveland Clinic's academic coordinating center providing an academic focus to the design, planning and management of clinical trials.

Clinical Research Trials help us create the medicine of tomorrow. They provide hope through offering testing of new drugs, new surgical techniques or other treatments before they are widely available.

Heart, Vascular & Thoracic Institute Outcomes and Statistics, a comprehensive overview of outcomes from across the Heart, Vascular & Thoracic Institute: cardiovascular and thoracic procedure volumes and outcomes,

Fellowship Accomplishments Application Process

Application Process

All 2020 interviews will be held virtually.

We participate in the NRMP match. All applicants must apply through the ERAS website. We do not accept any applicants not participating in the match. All applicants must have completed an internal medicine residency program within the United States.

Tomsich Family Department of Cardiovascular Medicine Contact Information

Core Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship Program

Georgann Yonkers
Cardiology Education Coordinator

Venu Menon, MD
Program Director Cardiovascular Medicine Fellowship

Subspecialty Programs

Interventional Cardiology Fellowship Program
Amar Krishnaswamy, MD
Program Director, Interventional Cardiology
Millie Cuevas

Heart Failure Transplantation
Miriam Jacob, MD
Program Director Heart Failure Transplantation
Millie Cuevas

Electrophysiology and Pacing
Bryan Baranowski
Program Director, Electrophysiology and Pacing
Millie Cuevas

Cardiac Imaging
Leonardo Rodriguez, MD
Program Director, Cardiac Imaging
Millie Cuevas

Vascular Medicine
Deborah Hornacek
Program Director, Vascular Medicine
Millie Cuevas

Cardiovascular Medicine Fellowship 

For a Tomsich Family Department of Cardiovascular Medicine fellowship application, contact

Deadline for application is August 1.

For All Subspecialty applications contact the appropriate Program Directors.

Fellowship Wellness

Fellowship Wellness


In the second year of fellowship, you will choose one faculty member who will become your ‘clinic mentor’. Throughout the next two years you will attend clinic weekly with your mentor for learning, continuity of care with their patient cohort, and mentorship. Many fellows have enduring relationships with their clinic mentor, in addition to mentor-mentee relationships formed through research and other clinical activities.

Wellness and Professional Development

Our fellows are supported by wellness initiatives both within the department, the GME office, and the Cleveland Clinic Employee Wellness office. As a trainee at the Cleveland Clinic, you will have free access to the on campus gym (Walker | employeewellness (, and the House staff work out room. Hospital wide programming under the office of Caregiver Well-Being offers classes, meditation, and financial counselling, in addition to the Caring for Caregivers program which offers mental health resources and quickly available counseling. The GME office has developed an app (internally available) for quick access to Wellness resources.

GME Wellness

Life in Cleveland

Our fellows get together at a variety of social events, both program sponsored and in the greater Cleveland community. Our program features an annual golf outing and family day at the Cleveland Zoo. Our fellows participate in Velosano, a Cleveland Clinic sponsored bicycle race for cancer fundraising and awareness.

Cardiovascular Medicine Fellowship - Life in Cleveland Cardiovascular Medicine Fellowship - Life in Cleveland Cardiovascular Medicine Fellowship - Life in Cleveland
Women in Cardiology

Women in Cardiology

We have a large and supportive community of female cardiologists with Dr Christine Jellis (Imaging staff) and Dr Tiffany Dong (cardiology fellow) serving as group spokeswomen. Our group has quarterly events including casual events to get to know our female faculty better, and more formal events like the recent Women in Cardiology recruiting event sponsored by the local Ohio chapter of the ACC that was attended by medical students, trainees, and attendings from across Northeast Ohio.