Glaucoma Surgery

Glaucoma Surgery Outcomes

Change in IOP at 3- to 12-Month Follow-Up (N = 482)


Trab = trabeculectomy, CPC = cyclophotocoagulation + micropulse, GATT = gonioscopy-assisted transluminal trabeculectomy, IOP = intraocular pressure

ᵃHydrus was combined with phacoemulsification

In patients treated at the institute during 2021, trabeculectomy reduced IOP from a mean of 24.83 mm Hg to 15.78 mm Hg, glaucoma implant surgery reduced IOP from a mean of 26.11 mm Hg to 17.65 mm Hg, and cyclophotocoagulation reduced IOP from 33.07 mm Hg to 24.33 mm Hg. For the newer procedures, goniotomy reduced IOP from 17.94 mm Hg to 15.88 mm Hg, and GATT reduced IOP from 23.57 mm Hg to 13.74 mm Hg. The two new procedures that were started to be tracked since last two years, namely hydrus reduced from a mean of 15.74 mm Hg to 13.76 mm Hg and Xen G reduced from a mean of 19.62 mm Hg to 11.89 mm Hg. A normal range of IOP is approximately 10 mm Hg to 21 mm Hg. N = number of patients who returned for a follow-up visit and had IOP measured.