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Research & Innovations

Cole Eye Institute physicians and researchers use a team of teams approach to drive research for prevention and treatment of vision impairing conditions and further the education of those who wish to serve in ophthalmology.
Areas of Ongoing Research

Areas of Ongoing Research

CATT Study

Landmark clinical trial which yielded important results about the effectiveness of treating macular degeneration.

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Center for Ophthalmic Bioinformatics

Addresses the leading causes of blindness, including diabetic eye disease and glaucoma.

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Clinical Trials

Studies which are either currently enrolling new patients or are pending approval by the Institutional Review Board

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Eye Donor Program

Allows researchers to gain invaluable information from eye tissue affected by various retinal degeneration diseases (RDDs).

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Research Labs

Improving our understanding of the molecular and cellular basis of vision loss for development of targeted therapeutics.

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