Vitreoretinal Surgery

About Vitreoretinal Surgery

The Vitreoretinal Department at Cleveland Clinic’s Cole Eye Institute has assembled a dedicated surgical team of surgeons, nurses, and skilled technicians, which has developed several new surgical procedures that are now used worldwide to treat conditions such as retinal detachment, diabetic macular edema, diabetic traction retinal detachments, and myopic macular holes, and for microincision surgery and pediatric retinal surgery. Members of the team have also helped develop the next generation of vitreoretinal surgical devices including microincision surgical instruments and techniques. Finally, the Ophthalmic Imaging Center at Cole Eye Institute is a leader in the field of intraoperative optical coherence tomography, developing new uses for this pioneering technology, next generation optical coherence tomography, and the use of artificial intelligence and deep learning to analyze images.

The team performed 1051 surgical procedures in 2020. Detailed outcomes were tracked on 790 of these procedures. The lower number of overall procedures in 2020 over previous years were a result of the COVID pandemic.

Distribution of Vitreoretinal Outcomes Surgeries (N = 790)


RD = retinal detachment